October 20

Two of (2017~18 5th home work)

Two of—-
兩隻鯰魚 Two catfish

兩隻鯰魚, 兩隻鯰魚,游得快,游得快。Two catfish swim so fast.

一隻沒有嘴巴,One does not have mouth,

一隻沒有尾巴。One does not have a tail.

 真奇怪,真奇怪。     Isn’t it strange?  Isn’t it strange?

兩隻猫熊Two pandas,

兩隻猫熊,兩隻猫熊,跑得快,跑得快。Two pandas, Two pandas, run so fast, run so fast.

一隻沒有耳朵,One doesn’t have ears, 

一隻沒有尾巴。one doesn’t have a tail.

真奇怪,真奇怪。Isn’t it strange?  Isn’t it strange?

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