December 11

Seeing A Doctor (2017~18, 6th)

6th 2018
看醫生Seeing A Doctor

朋倫: 你怎麽了?身體不舒服嗎? What’s the matter? Do you feel uncomfortable?

英格麗德: 我有一點兒鼻塞, 喉嚨也很痛。I have a bit of a stuffy nose and sore throat.

佐伊: 你量過體溫了嗎? 有沒有發燒? Have you taken your temperature yet? Do you have a fever?

英格麗德: 我量過了, 有一點兒發燒。I have taken my temperature.  I have a slight fever.

打噴嚏: 哈糗! Sneeze

佐伊:糟糕!我好像也不舒服了!How terrible!  I am not feeling too well either!

朋倫:你最好讓醫生檢查一下。You’d better see a doctor.

佐伊:我吃幾片阿司匹林,多喝點水, 就會好了。I’ll take a few aspirins and have some water, and then I’ll be fine.

英格麗德:要不要吃藥呢?  Do I need to take any medicine?

貝克:我開個藥方給你,記得按時服藥、多休息。I’ll prescribe some medicine for you.  Remember to take your medicine on time and get a lot of rest.

蘇菲: 醫生,我身體不舒服,是怎麽了?   Doctor, I do not feel well, what is the cause?

提杰: 讓我用聽診器為你仔細的檢查一下。 Let me check you thoroughly with my stethoscope.

蘇菲:是昨天開始不舒服的, 今天更嚴重了。I started feeling unwell yesterday, and it feels worse today.

提杰:你的胃口怎麼樣?有沒有咳嗽? How’s your appetite?  Do you have a cough?

蘇菲:有點咳嗽, 胃口不好,不想吃東西。 I have a little bit of cough.  My appetite is not very good. I don’t feel to like eating anything.

提杰:你扁桃腺發炎了,必須打針。Your tonsils are inflamed.  You have to receive an injection.

貝克: 把你的左手給我,不要動, 一會兒就好了!Give me your left arm, do not move, it will be over soon.

蘇菲: 我很舒服了! I feel better now.

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