August 28

Lesson Plan: Chinese (First grade)

2021~2022                         Chinese中文       (First grade)

Class Structure:
This class provides an immersion in Chinese culture through traditional Chinese songs, interactive arts, crafts, and compilations of hands-on-activities made for the Smart Board, and PowerPoint.  Students will learn to count in Chinese, and to follow rules in Chinese.  Basic American Sign Language will also be used to communicate basic Chinese words.   Students will be immersed in thirty minutes of Chinese language each class period.  Students will be learning Chinese dance and song for the Foreign Language Festival.

There are no homework assignments for this class.  Class materials will be provided on the class blog, which is available for review outside of class.  

Live Performances:
There is a class blog, which will be updated with recorded performances done in class.

We will be using the Living Mandarin First grade textbook & Better Chinese which will serve as an overall guide to the course.  I have also selected a set of reference books that will work well with the class.

Luh Jang Chen 陸璋

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