(Book 2) Lesson One – Week 1 Assignment

This week's homework assignment is as follows:
1. Study the Activities sheet.
2. Listen and repeat these activity words 3 times, every other day.
3. Play Hobbies and Activities matching game.
4. (Extra Credit - 10 pts) Make a sentence with 喜歡 xǐ huān (不喜歡 bù xǐ huān、很喜歡 hěn xǐ huān or 最喜歡 zuì xǐ huān) gēn __________ (a person) 一起 yī qǐ _______ (an activity).

EXAMPLE: 我最喜歡爸爸一起游泳 (wǒ zuì xǐhuān gēn bàba yī qǐ yóuyǒng). I love going swimming with Dad. (I most like with Dad together swim.)

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