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Homework Assignment (Lesson Four – Week 1)

  • Review 早、午 and 晚 with
  • Have fun with this Matching Game
  • Find three food names in Chinese. (You could use Google translate or ask your family members.)
    Write down their Chinese characters and pinyins. Please include one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. Be ready to share your findings at our next class meeting.
  • Write 早安 、午安 and 晚安 five times on a piece of paper. Be sure to include the pinyins as well.

Spin and answer the questions.

Homework Assignment (Lesson Three – Week 2)

  • Workbook A P.25 (Listen and repeat 2 times, every other day
  • Workbook A P.26 (Listen and repeat 2 times, every other day
  • Workbook A P.27, P28 (Part D only), P.31 and P.32
  • Choose one from of the following sentences, write it down on a piece of paper, 5 times with pinyin for each character.
    1. 我也是男生。 wǒ yě shì nán shēng (I am a boy, too.)
    2. 我也是女生。 wǒ yě shì nǚ shēng (I am a girl, too.)
  • Watch, learn and sing along with the 我的朋友在哪裡? (Where are my friends?) song. Send in a recording of your singing to earn 10 extra points.