不知不覺的 (?!) 我們已經到了學期末。謝謝你們這一年來的支持與信任。我也非常感謝很多家長花時間幫助小朋友寫功課,以及來教室幫忙。希望這一點一滴的付出是值得的。謝謝小朋友給我機會,讓我認識他們,看他們學習,進步。
Can you believe it’s the end of school year?  Thank you so much for your trust and support this year.  I am also very thankful for parents who helped their kids with homework, and helped me in the classroom.  I hope it proves to be worth a while.  For me, it’s rewarding to get to know the students, and see them grow.
  • 結業典禮將在 Bellevue High School.  地址是:10416 Wolverine Way,Bellevue, WA 98004.  The ceremony will be hold at Bellevue High School and the address is: 10416 Wolverine Way,Bellevue, WA 98004.
  • 請於8點50分在學校大廳前的走廊找我。我應該會有一面牌子。Please meet me at the front lobby at 8:50 AM.  I should be holding a sign.
  • 我會把功課簿成績單,還有暑假作業交給小朋友。請大家盡量參加。如果不能來,學校會把成績單留到下年度。I will be giving homework folder, report card as well as summer homework to student。  If you can not make it, the school will keep the report card until the next school year.
  • 因為暑假時間可能有小朋友要插板考試,期末考將不會發回。學校會把期末考留到下年度。Since there might be kids taking exams in the summer, we won’t be giving back the final exam.  The school will keep the final exam until the next school year.


Tomorrow half of the parents from the school will join their kids in the first period.  Parking might be challenging.  The other half of the parents will join their kids in the fourth period.  Again, parking will be challenging, so please communicate with your kids ahead of time.
再來兩個星期六沒有上課,我們6月3日見。  6月3日我們有期末考,當天我們也會發獎杯及獎狀。
We don’t have classes for the next two weeks.  Our final exam and the award ceremony will be on June 3rd.


Tomorrow is the last day to register your kids for the following school year and get $10 discount.
請記得把竹筒帶到學校來。第一節課(9AM-9:30AM) 是我們”竹筒囘娘家“的時間。可以幫小朋友照相喔!回到教室後,我們會有很簡單的感親恩活動/成果展。 請您們撥空參加。謝謝!
About May 13 activities:
Please remember to bring the bamboo saving bank.  “Return of Bamboo bank” ( =) dramatic enough?) is scheduled in the first period, between 9AM – 9:30AM.  Once we are done, there will be a small writing celebration and tea ceremony in the classroom.
We will have our last quiz on Lesson 10 next week as well.



I hope everyone had a good spring break.  The school will finish in a bit more than a month.  Let’s go!  If your kids can not attend classes, please let me know ahead of time.
The registration for the coming year has started.  If you have any question regarding your child’s level, I am happy to discuss with you.
這星期六,四月二十九日有代課老師 – 楊書驊老師,請大家多多包涵。
This Saturday there will be a substitute teacher –  Athina Yang.  I am sure students will like her.
第九課小考的成績不盡理想,雖然小考前有復習,很多小朋友還是記不住生字。要加油喔!  中文只會越來越難。。。
The score for Quiz 9 was not good.  Even though we reviewed the vocabulary right before the test, most students couldn’t remember.  Chinese will only get harder, we need to be persistent.
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Please bring color pencils/pen for the next few lessons.
The result for the midterm last week is better than the result for quiz #8.  This tells me that while some students can recognize new words/phrases, they are not familiar enough yet to write them down.
This week we will finish lesson 9.  There are no classes for two weeks and when we return on April 22, there will be a quiz on lesson 9.  With how we are doing, we will for sure complete the entire text book.
Now since we don’t have lessons on May 20th, the May celebration will “shrink” so to not take away more lecture time.  Our sign language show if not cancelled, will be performed at the graduation ceremony.  On May 13, we still have “Bamboo Bank Coming Home” event and we will have a tea ceremony in the classroom.
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Thank you so much for your effort.  This week, I asked the students to correct their quiz on directions and most of them handed back to me within minutes.
You might have heard from your kids that a couple of incidents happened in our classroom in the last two weeks.  The first incident was that one of the students got into a quarrel with our TA.  The second incident happened today when someone pulled the fire alarm in the classroom.  Both incidents happened during recess and the school was informed.
第一件事發生時我不在現場。在教室裡我跟班上講,只要我們住在一個社會裡, 大家一定會有不同的想法和意見,我們也會有不如意的日子。在這種情況下,我們如何自持是很重要的。我們不能用拳頭解決問題。
I was not there to witness the first incident .  What I told the class is that as long as we live in a society, there are always going to be disagreement.  We will all have bad days.  How we handle ourselves is most important.  We don’t use our fists to solve problems.
The second incident was one of our boys pulled the fire alarm.  I have a good discussion with the classroom why no one should touch it unless it’s a real emergency.  The class lost a recess and we also disturbed the other 3rd grade class, but luckily, the alarm stopped by itself and did not go further.
These two incidents are unfortunate.  I treated them as good opportunities for all of us to learn life lesson.  Now our students became friends with each other, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate in the class.  Sometimes they get each other in trouble.  I think it’s norm for the class to become more expressive toward the end of the term.  Let’s try to keep the positive energy flowing!  Your kids are wonderful.


Please come to the gym to pick up the kids this Saturday.  We will have Chinese yo-yo in the last period.
We will have a midterm exam on March 25.  It will cover Lesson 6 to Lesson 8.  As always, it will be based on the homework.
上星期六第七課的小考,考的是認字。這對大部分的小朋友來説比較簡單。有幾位小朋友需要加油喔! 這星期我們會考寫方向。
Last week, the quiz on Lesson 7 focused on word recognition.  Most of kids found it easier.  There are few students who need to catch up.  This week, we will have quiz on writing directions.
We have kids who cried at writing quiz, looking up Chinese dictionary.  Let’s do our best to encourage them.  I have told the class that marks are not as important as how much they learn.
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There is a quiz on Lesson 7 this week, please ask your child to review.  We will be learning Lesson 8 this week.
I hope everyone has received an email regarding various Chinese competitions.  There will be an information session this Saturday at 10:30 am in the cafeteria.  Later on I am going to forward details on Chinese Idiom Competition which will be held in May.


The scores for last weekend’s quiz 6 was not as good as previous quizzes.  Its probably due to the Chinese New Year.  We need to remind our kids that like a lot of things, you only learn as much as your put in. 
When I was given out report cards, I noticed some students really care about the scores.  If your kids fall into that category, please let me know ahead of time.  While I am not sure if the school will keep on giving out trophies, I can always make some “teacher’s prizes”.  We have a lot of good students in the class this year.
There are no classes for next two weeks.  See you on March 4.  There will be a quiz on Lesson 7 on March 4.
This weekend is the final week to register for writing competition.
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希望大家渡過了一個溫馨,沒有中文功課的一星期! Winter break 以前我會把第七課教完。
I hope everyone had a warm, relaxing (no Chinese homework) week! I will finish teaching Lesson 7 before the winter break.

成績單這禮拜會發給小朋友。我們班上的小朋友程度大致上都很好。。。 有一群好到我們教學的内容對他們來講很簡單。請家長鼓勵小朋友幫忙其他的小朋友,或者是帶自己喜歡的中文書籍來班上,等大家的時候可以拿出來看。好嗎?
The report card is going home this week. Most of our kids are doing very well… so much so that the material might be too easy for some students. Please encourage your children to help the classmates. Instead of being bored, have your kids bring their favorite Chinese book they can read while waiting for others.

Below are summarized information about writing and speech contests.

作文、書法、識字競賽 (Writing Contest):
報名截止日期:2017年 2月12日
舉辦日期:2017 年 3 月 11 日(星期六)下午 1:20 至下午 5:00
活動地點:Interlake High School, 16245 NE 24th St, Bellevue, WA 98008

演講、朗誦、多媒體簡報比賽 (Speech Contest):
報名截止日期:2017年3月22日 (本校報名截止是3/18日)
舉辦日期:2017年4月22日(星期六)下午1:30 -5:00
活動地點:BLDG10 Highline Community College 2400 S.240thStreet, Des Moines, WA 98093