按月存檔:10 月 2016


First of all, due to one cancellation of class, I have decided to delay our midterm for a week.  It’s going to be on November 5 and it will cover Lesson 1 to Lesson 3.
Secondly, most of the kids did well in last week’s quiz.  Thank you for the guidance at home.
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這星期很接近萬聖節,小朋友來上課時可以帶他們的costume來換。學校希望小朋友還是穿制服來上學。謝謝您的合作!在班上我最後一節會發gummy bears…
This week’s lesson is close to Halloween.  The students can bring their costume to change if they wish.  However, the school prefers if everyone still wears uniform to school.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  I will give out gummy bears at the end of the class.


這星期我把學生的字卡大致都準備好了。有幾個家庭很積極,在我要回字卡前已經把它整理好了。謝謝!  明天請帶第一課到第三課的字卡。

This week I have prepared the flash cards.  There are some families that have organized the cards before I asked to be returned.  Thank you.  Tomorrow, please bring flash cards for Lesson 1 to Lesson 3.


I have to apologize for not writing down the names of students who returned the flash cards.  If you have the flash cards, please let me know as I am short of some flash cards.  Thank you.


We are going to have our first monthly birthday celebration tomorrow.  Each student will get a lollipop.  I hope it’s okay with you.

第六週 – 1

學校決定明天停課。 看完以後,請務必用email回覆我。不然的話,我今晚會再打電話通知。謝謝!
There will be NO Chinese class tomorrow.  Please REPLY to this email so I know you get it.  Otherwise, I will be making phone calls tonight.  Thank you!
這星期,請給小朋友寫第二課第三週 (Lesson2Week3) 的作業。不好意思,請自行影印。
Please print out and give your child Lesson 2, Week 3’s (Lesson2Week3) homework.
If you want to improve your child’s Chinese vocabulary, you can print out the following files. They are already in the writing folder. Some kids have written many pages. However, some kids have not made any progress. If they filled out a page, you can ask them to bring it to school and I will reward them with a sticker. Some pages only have one or two words. Please ask your child to fill up the page with other words they would like to practice.
最後,寫字重要嗎?  以下的文章是我小朋友在美國學校的老師給的。
Finally, is writing important? The following article was given to me by my child’s school teacher.


The weather might be harsh for the next couple of days, please take care.
If the class is to be cancelled on Saturday.  There will be an email from School before 6AM.
Please refer to the information giving out by the school.  Thank you.
In cases of inclement weather, Tzu Chi Academy’s policy is typically to follow Bellevue Public School closures. This Friday, however, Bellevue School District is already scheduled no school to have professional development. A significant storm with possible power outages is predicted for Thursday night.

Since we cannot follow our regular closure system, you will receive an email Saturday morning between 5:30 ~ 6:00 AM if classes are to be cancelled. The school blog website will also make announcement around the same timeframe. http://tzuchiacademyseattle.blogspot.com/

If classes will not be cancelled, there will not be a closure communication.

Buy some extra batteries or charge up your power banks just in case!


We have full attendance for the past four weeks.  Everyone also handed in their homework on time.  Thank you.
This week, the school wants your unwanted toys for donation!  Please help.
Also, there is parent’s education class in the cafeteria this Saturday.
上個星期六有我們的第一次小考,習題全部由作業上出。考試時, 唯一的提示是我在教室裡貼了第一課的生字。大部分的小朋友都還不錯。有85分以上的小朋友,我有把分數寫上。這星期第一節的寫作時間我會要求小朋友訂正錯誤來換貼紙,沒有改完的小朋友,請家長在家裡幫忙。我不想小朋友失去下課時間。
Last week we had our first quiz.  All the questions were from the homework.  The students were not helped except I placed all the new words from Lesson 1 on the board.  I only give grade to students who scored 85% or higher.  During our writing practice this Saturday morning, I will ask all the students to correct their mistakes.  If it’s not completed, please assist your kids at home as I don’t want them to loss their recesses.
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說到下課時間,我們班居然有4、5位學生會主動跟我要他們的寫作本 – writing folder,下課時間不下課,留在班上寫來贏貼紙!  有一、兩位小朋友已經把生字單寫到第九課。這真是我意想不到,讓我高興的意外!
We have four, five kids who opted to stay in the class during recesses to progress on their writing folder!  This is a nice surprise.  Two students have reached Lesson 9.  This is totally expected as all they earn is a sticker for filling a page.
Finally, thank so much for your cooperation.  I got most of the homework back.  However, I am still missing 5 flash cards.  Please bring them this Saturday.  Thank you.