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  1. aguschina97表示:

    你好马? 我爱你!!
    Thank you for teaching me!!!

  2. 表示:

    你好成老师! 我叫 Lucas. I left you a comment.

  3. aguschina97表示:

    你好吗?? 我爱你!!
    Thank you for teching me!!!

  4. aguschina97表示:

    你好吗?? 我爱你!!
    Thank you for teching me!!!

  5. guniss表示:

    你叫, 我叫horacio
    I leave you a comment

  6. aguschina97表示:

    你好吗? 我爱你!!
    Thank you for teachin me!!!

  7. cabellera1281表示:

    Nihao, Wo jiao Frank

  8. cabellera2997表示:

    ni hao cheng lao shi is matthew caldwell

  9. santiago表示:

    Ni hao lao shi.
    (Chinese doesn’t work in this computer)

  10. sacerdote表示:


  11. santiago表示:

    wo jiao santiago.

  12. santiago表示:

    wo jiao santiago.

  13. santiago表示:

    wo jiao santiago.

  14. toma98表示:


  15. ramirosalaya表示:


  16. yamila表示:

    你们好! Thank you for your comment, you did a good job!

    By the way, my surname is written “成”, not “诚”.

  17. 表示:

    你 好 Cheng Lao Shi!
    I like your blog and all your videos and excercises!
    Have nice holidays!
    谢谢for teaching me!
    Sofi Ba

  18. yamila表示:


    我叫 Eduardo,我上七年级。



    Eduardo Reynolds cox

  19. 表示:


  20. yamila表示:

    Tobias, you didn’t put your surname, so I don’t know which Tobias you are.

  21. 表示:

    Lao Shi Hao:

    Now I understand how to comment in your blog. Keep on posting, I enjoy it. See you in class!!!!
    Zai Jian

    Felipe M 7MB

  22. yamila表示:

    你(nǐ) 好(hǎo) , Felipe:

    I am so happy that finally you can comment in my blog. I hope I can see you very often here.

    再(zài) 见(jiàn) !

    成(chéng) 老(lǎo) 师(shī)

  23. 表示:

    i could leave a comment now。

  24. 表示:

    Now i can leave you coments
    I play the games to study.

  25. 表示:

    你好老师I now know how to llive coments.
    I played the game

  26. 表示:

    Thank you for the blog. Its pretty good and now I know how to use it.

  27. 表示:

    Ni Hao Lao Shi

    I played the games, but I don´t know how to recored.

    Zai Jian

  28. 表示:

    Ni hao lao shi, wo jiao Raffi

  29. 表示:

    您好老师. 我叫 Bautista Madariaga. I am doing the home work for chinese and trying to improve my chinese. I am working hard to improve my mark and to pass this trimester. I am living this coment to show you that I go in yout brog and study.
    CHINESE RULES!!!!!!!!!

  30. 表示:


    I am glad to see you here, I hope this blog can help you study a lot.

    Keep on going.

  31. andychina表示:

    Nice blog to learn chinease

  32. bautifacha12表示:

    Hello! Thank you for helping us making this online blog! Good bye! Have a great weekend!

  33. hugofacha12表示:

    Hello Cheng lao shi. Thank you for helping us to set these things up in this lesson. I liked your blog very much. Have a great weekend.

  34. pedro47993761表示:

    hello cheng lao sht i´m sure this blog will help me a lot in the future

  35. inesbarriochino表示:

    ni hao yamila
    wo jiao ines

  36. sofidiosa表示:

    Ni Hao Cheng Lao Shi! I think your blog is great, it looks that you put alot of effort and time! I think it was definitly worth it! Kisses! Sofi K

  37. justoliz123表示:

    hello cheng lao shivery good blog

  38. 表示:

    Thank you for teaching me you are the best

  39. 表示:

    Thank you for teaching me you are the best