2008 End of the school year celebration message

谷心中文學校Corvallis Chinese School 親愛的家長們: 您們好!  中文學校將於六月六日舉辦2008年結業式,  當日6:30 PM ~ 7:30PM學生照常上課, 請家長們於7:30PM到校與學生一起參加結業典禮, 其中將有學生的表演、作文朗誦及摺紙的活動。中文學校將會提供點心及水果, 希望家長們踴躍參與。若有任何疑問或建議請洽詢吳亞卿758-8217 中文學校理事會 敬上 2008年5月30日Chinese School End of the School Year CelebrationDear Parents:            The Corvallis Chinese School will be celebrating the end of 2006~2007 school year at Grace Lutheran Church (435 N.W. 21st street Corvallis, OR 97330), between 7:30pm and 8:30pm on June 6 (Friday).  From 6:30 PM ~ the 7:30 PM students attends class as usual.  The remaining time from 7:30-8:30 PM will be the end of the school year celebration; with student performances and a paper folding activity. Chinese School will provide desserts and fruit, We would like to invite you to participate in this event along with the staff, students and other parents.If there are any questions or suggestions please contact with Ms.  Yea-Ching Wu 758-8217  Sincerely, The Board of Corvallis Chinese School                                         May. 26.  2008 


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