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Corvallis Chinese SchoolCorvallis Chinese School (CCS) was founded in 1990 as a non-for-profit organisation by a group of OSU graduate students from Taiwan.  Many of those graduate students have children and realized the importance of multilingual education.  The existence of CCS provided a place where children can get together with their peers to learn Chinese and socialize with each others.  As the composition of student population changed, the simple need of language learning also changed accordingly.  Today, after 26 years’ of continuous growing with the community, the Corvallis Chinese School has evolved from a pure language teaching service organization to a more cultural diversified learning organization.   Currently, the Corvallis Chinese School has 7 teachers and 30 students.  Among all the students, 60% are from Taiwan, 15% from China, 13% are from Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, and the rest of 12% are from USA and the rest of the world.  The CCS offers 4 classes which include three elementary school level classes, 1 middle school level classes, one high school level class, and one adult language class.  A two hour lessons, every Friday from 3;00 PM to 5:00 PM, are offered ten times every quarter during the regular school year.  No classes are offered during summer in order to accommodate most family’s summer schedule.  In additional to the regular language classes, the school also offers teacher training, SAT simulation test, special Chinese holiday festival culture events, and student graduation parties. Currently, the school is managed by the school board composed of 5 board members.  The board members are elected by the parents every two years.  The board members also fulfill the school daily operation needs by serving as principal, vice principal/treasurer, office clerk, general affairs leader and the librarian.  The text books used in the classes are provided by the Oversea Chinese Affairs Commission.  The teaching materials are tailored and compiled by each teacher according to the specific need of their classes.  The school is funded by charging nominal tuition and fees.  The current fee schedule is $100 for each quarter (ten 2 hours’ lessons).  The fund is used for renting the classroom and teacher’s teaching material.

谷心中文學校Corvallis Chinese School

建校歷史:該校創立於一九九O年八月,由一群來自台灣,熱心與關懷子女中文教育的父母所創立,並向奧瑞崗政府登記的非營利組織。奧瑞崗州是由印地安語定名,意思是Heart of Valley,所以中文學校選其地點意義來命名。

學校組織:本校設有理事會,制定學校教育方針,教師遴選及教材審核。理事為義務職由家長們推選產生,任職兩年。理事會現有理事5名。本校行政建制上設有校長、財務、教務。教學資源:學校採用僑務委員會提供之教材及老師自行編印的補充教材。少數學生家長並定期由台灣攜帶新的素材。學術活動:每年舉辦教師培訓、春節文藝慶祝活動,SATⅡ 模擬考試及結業成果同樂會。班級現況:谷心中文學校現有教師三人,代課老師五人。學生約三十人,初級一班,中級學一班,高級一班,學生成員中來自台灣約佔62%大陸約佔13% 香港及東南亞約佔13 %其他地區約佔11%,每年分3個學期50每學期有10次課程,每節課60 & 50 分鐘。上課時間為週五下午3:00~5:00pm,每次上課兩小時。學校經費:本校目前收費每學生每學期100元,用以資付州政府註冊、保險、校舍使用費及教師微薄的車馬費。


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