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2012 新課程新方向


Class on Mathematical Reasoning

This class integrates the language learning of Chinese and mathematics – the foundation of all sciences. The lessons will be taught mainly in Chinese to build critical understanding and reasoning process of mathematics. It is the “Content Teaching” developed and promoted by various Chinese Flagship programs in the US.

Our teacher will cover the main topics in PSAT preparation guideline, such as the number system, algebra, geometry, permutations, combinations, and probability. Fun and practical examples will be given to keep students interested and focused. So we will tell the difference between speed and acceleration, identify the perfect lemonade recipe, and understand why the house always wins.

The class will be taught by Lillian Wang, a retired software engineer.  Lillian has a master degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. The highlights of the lessons are in both traditional and simplified Chinese, English, as well as Pinyin. All junior high and high school students are welcome to apply. The fee is $100 per student. There will be 10 lessons in a semester, 2 hours each time on Sundays. Time to be determined.



「數學推理班」是以中文為主﹐數學為輔的「內容教學」– Content Teaching。以益智數學帶領孩子思考數學問題﹐訓練他們的邏輯推理能力﹐提供孩子們另一個學習/加強中文的環境。


重心﹕  生活中的數學運用﹐例如﹕車子的速度與加速度﹐槓杆運用﹐為什麼賭博一定輸。

教師﹕ 黃莉君﹐台灣大學心理系學士﹐美國南加大電腦系碩士

招生對象﹕8-11 年級﹐中外學生皆可



Please contact Principle Luh Jang Chen at 541-760-6097 if you have questions.

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2012~2013 Corvallis Chinese School Year

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