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2006 結業典禮籌備會

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

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2005~2006 End of the school year celebration message

Friday, May 19th, 2006

谷心中文學校 Corvallis Chinese School

您們好!中文學校2005 ~ 2006年度春季班,將於六月二日結束o為了感謝一年來,老師們的辛勞, 理事及家長們的服務,也為加強學生、家長和老師之間的連繫, 本校將於中文學校Kings Circle Assembly of God歡送今年高中畢業即將遠行的校友o

時間:  六月二日星期五(畢業典禮6:30~8:30pm)
地點:    中文學校fire place room
內容: 畢業典禮 o


Dear Parents:
June 9th will be the last day of Corvallis Chinese School’s spring term.  We will be dedicating a ceremony to show our appreciation to the teachers, board members and the parent services that have aided the school.  We would also like to use this special occasion to strengthen the relationship between the teachers and students. We have invited alumni’s of the Corvallis Chinese School (who will be graduating from the high school this year) to attend the ceremony.
Time: June 2nd (Friday) Ceremony 6:30 ~8:30 pm
Place: Corvallis Chinese School at the fire place room
Activity: Graduation ceremony
The board members of Corvallis Chinese School
May 19, 2006


2006 Classroom

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

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