September 1

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幸福的臉 Happy Face 2012,9-28 2017~18, K,3rd
沒關係 Tt’s Okay
勇氣 Courage
媽媽 Mother 2013, 7th 2013, 6th 2013, 5th 2013, 2nd 2016, 6th 2016, 5th 2016, 2nd
好習慣 Good Habits  2013, 2nd 2015, 6th 2015, 5th 2017, K
愛的希望 Hope for Love  2013, 4th
好快樂好歡喜 Very Happy
綠的心情 Spring Green  2015,4th 2016, 2nd
Good 2017, K
月亮在看你 The Moon is Watch You 2016, 2nd
地球的孩子 Earth Child 2013, 8th 2013, 7th 2013, 6th 2013, 2nd~8th 2017~18, K~6th
快樂的朋友 Happy Friends
謝謝 Thank you
站在高崗上 Stand on tall peak 2014, 3rd
高山青 Green Mountain 2010~11, 8th
認識我的臉 Recognize my face
龍貓 My Neighbor Totoro
童年 Childhood
新年謠 New Year Rhymes 2013, 4th 2015, 1st&4th
蝴蝶 Butterfly
找朋友 Find Friend. 2015, 5th 2015, 6th 2015, 7th
造飛機  Build an Airplane 2016,2nd
快樂天堂 A Joyful World
梅花 Plum Flower
我愛洗澡 I like to bath
刷牙歌 Brush your teeth
踩踩踩 Step on
 2017~18 K&3rd
手指謠 Creative finger rhyme

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