May 15

Water (2017~18, 5th)

汞金屬Mercury metal
汞在室溫裡,it is liquid at room temperature
濺來濺去真美麗And it is beautiful when it is splashing back and forth
汞倒入水中, you can pour it in water
流來流去很漂亮。It is beautiful when it is moving back and forth in the water

遊戲間Gaming room
電腦在室內Computers are in game rooms
銀幕閃來閃去真有趣。Flash here flash there it’s fun to see the screen
滑鼠在室內Mouses are in the gameroon
聲音起起落落真好玩。Click here click there it’s fun to hear the clicks

小鳥在空中Birds fly in the air,
飛來飛去真美麗。They are beautiful gliding back and forth.
白雲在天空Clouds drift up high,
飄來飄去真好玩。It’s fun to watch them fly around the sky.

電動遊戲Video Games
電動遊戲在家裡Video games are in my house.
玩來玩去有意思。It is fun to play with them.
霜淇淋在口裡Ice cream is in my mouth
舔來舔去真好吃。It is fun to eat it!

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