Lunar Spring Holiday Celebration



為了迎接建國一百零六年的春節,經由中文學校理事會決定在2017年 1月27日星期五,假谷心中文學校現校址Ashbrook Independent School 舉辦“雞鳴春曉過春節” 聯歡活動,我們備有美味的食物, 中文學校已註冊的學生免費, 餐費一人七元, 四歲及四歲以下免費. 聯歡會中有同學們精采的歌唱,舞蹈,扯鈴, 影片,精心設計的團體遊戲。由於場地人數的限制,請上網登記,額滿為止;期盼你的熱心參與,如有任何寶貴意見,歡迎與我們聯絡。

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy New Year!  The Corvallis Chinese School will be hosting this year’s Lunar Spring Holiday Celebration on Friday, January 27, 2017 (from 6-8 p.m.).

Sponsors: Overseas Community Affairs Council, Republic of China (Taiwan).

Taiwanese Ladies Club, Taiwanese Student Association

Event details:

Time: Jan.27 from 6-8 p.m.

Location: Ashbrook Independent School

4045 SW Research Way Corvallis, OR 97333 (Host by Corvallis Chinese School).

Cost: $7 per person (free admission for children age four and under).

Free admission for Corvallis Chinese students.  Those that have paid a $7 admission fee.

We will be serving delicious food accompanied with performances and games.  We look forward to seeing you and your friends and family.

Please RSVP go to the link before Jan. 20, 2017 so we can plan the food and games portion of the night.

Kind regards,

Corvallis Chinese School Board Members

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