1A詩詞朗誦1A Chinese Poem Recital


1A Chinese Poem Recital


Please practice the Chinese poems, thanks.  

First, start with greeting by saying

Click to listen:


Click to listen: 241793-春曉.mp3


Oversleeping in agreeable spring,I missed the daybreak.

Chirps of bird can be heard here, there,and everywhere.

While the night was filled with tumult of wind and rain.

Who knows how many blossoms have fallen?


Please practice with the following video.



Next poem, you are going to say

Click to listen :


 Then start the poem you choose

Click to listen :一粒米.mp3


Click to listen :會歌唱的傘.mp3



Click to listen : 草.mp3

At last, say thank you everyone  in the end.

Click to listen :







1-18-14 1A班重要事項Important Reminders

 1-18-14 1A班重要事項Important Reminders


Dear Parents:

1/18/2014 期中考第一課到第八課,請認真完成期中考複習卷,請家長幫忙孩子好好複習所有的內容,確實準備考試。(如果本週無法來參加考試,請於下週1/25/14 8:45AMOffice Room#16補考, 謝謝您的合作)

Midterm exam on lesson 1 to lesson 8, please be
sure to finish the midterm review worksheet. 
All parents help your kids to review all the lessons and be prepared for
the exam.  If you are unable to come to
school this Saturday, please come to Office Room#16 at 8:45AM on 1/25/14 for
make-up exam.  Thank for your cooperation.

1A班朗誦比賽,每個小朋友都表現的很好, 校內詩詞朗誦已經開始接受報名,如果有興趣參加的小朋友,請家長將填寫報名表,交給老師,謝謝!

Chinese recitation contest, every kid did a good job.  If your
kid would like to participate in the CCLS Chinese poems recital
competition, please fill out the registration form and give it to me.  Thank you 

校內詩詞朗誦比賽: 時間是222,星期六(9:30~11:30AM)       

CCLS Chinese poems recital competition   Time: 
2/22/14 Saturday(9:30~11:30AM)    Sign up date: 1/18/14~2/08/14

Group by birthday
初小組: 12/3/2005~12/2/2007

初級組: 12/3/2003~12/2/2005

 1/25 年刊封面學生設計作品交件日期,
主題為馬到成功或與馬年相關之題材, 作品尺寸為直式
8.5" x 11".

1/25: Turn in 2014 yearbook
cover competition artwork. Theme – Year of Horse. Size -Portrait letter size
(8.5" x 11"). 


1/25年刊商業廣告或家庭溫馨照片交件日期, 請填附件表格交回辦公室編輯組, 電子廣告檔案請電郵至 ccls.walnut@gmail.com,或放在USB交到辦公室

1/25: Turn in 2014 yearbook
fundraising ad. Please see the attached for detailed info. Please email your
digital ad file to ccls.walnut@gmail.com or put in the USB and give
it to office.


2/1 燈籠比賽學生設計作品交件日期因儲藏不易, 請於新春聯歡會當日交件優勝作品由家長和學生投票選出學生的選票由各班老師發給家長的選票請在新春聯歡會當日索取.

Turn in lantern design
competition artwork. Due to limited storage space, all lanterns should be
turned in on the day of Chinese New Year Carnival. Students and parents will
vote for the winning design.


2/1 新春聯歡會, 9:00-12:30. 全校師生家長共同在
校區慶祝, Lemon 校區當天將關閉.

2/1 Chinese New Year Carnival from 9:00-12:30. All
students, teachers & parents will celebrate at Suzanne campus. Lemon campus
will be closed on that day.


Best Regards,


Lee lao shi

1A Chinese class important reminders

 1A Chinese class important reminders

Dear Parents:

1/18/2014 期中考第一課到第八課 Midterm exam on lesson 1 to lesson 8

1/11/14 這個週六小考第七課和第八課,請小朋友確實複習課本中的內容: 課文,生字,詞語和句子練習。
 This Saturday we are going to have a test on lesson seven and nine, please be
sure to review the textbook content including text, vocabulary, phrase and
sentence practice.


1A班朗誦比賽1A Chinese recitation contest

時間Time: 01/11/14



Practice to recite lesson 9 text. (You
don’t need to memorize it, pay attention to your pronunciation and tone. Be
sure to read out loud.) 


校內詩詞朗誦比賽: 時間是222,星期六(9:30~11:30AM)        報名日期至28日止


CCLS Chinese poems recital competition   Time:  2/22/14
Saturday(9:30~11:30AM)    Sign up date: 1/18/14~2/08/14

If you would like to
participate in  the competition, please print out the registration
form  from the attached file and fill it out and give it to me. 
Thank you

Group by birthday




Chinese New Year
activities, all children are encouraged to participate in the following two

年刊封面、封底設計甄選將於即日起開始接受投稿, 02/01/2014截止,

     題目為: 馬到成功   A4 畫紙  

Yearbook Cover and Back Design Contest

Due date: 02/01/2014     Topic: The
lucky year of horse      Paper size: A4 or letter

Please make sure the color is bright and strong and
students do not have to write the school name on the design.



Chinese lantern
contest: We will display all the lanterns and each student has the chance to
vote their favorite lantern on Chinese New Year day. All kids must do this
project.  Due date: 01/25/2014

Please go to the following website to see some lantern samples.  They have
step by step instructions to teach you how to make different Chinese
lanterns.  You can choose one style that you like to make. 



Best Regards,

Lee lao shi