August 12

Wake Up-A

明華, 該起床了!Ming-Hua, it’s time to get up!

還沒呢, 還不到起床的時候嘛。Not yet. It’s not time to get up yet!

你今天不是第一堂有課嗎?Don’t you have first period class today?

是啊,可是現在是七點半,我們還有一個小時,不是嗎?Yes, but it’s only seven thirty. We still have another hour, don’t we?

時間不早了。 你早飯要吃什麼?It’s not early. What do you want for breakfast?

一杯咖啡。A cup of coffee please.

我找不到我的錢包, 你看見了嗎?I can’t find my wallet. Have you seen it?

沒有啊。 你也許放在另外一件衣服的口袋裡了。No, I haven’t. Maybe you put it in the pocket of another clothes.

對了,果然在這兒。謝謝你。Oh, right! It is right here. Thanks.

wake up a

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