Week13 CSL3 Go300 Lesson5 家在哪裡?

生字筆順練習:Practice 3 times for each word.        




繞口令練習:鄭忠漢 (12/1/11)


  Please find at least 5 pairs.


Extra credit:  Please use any recording tool – Vocaroo, Voki or Audacity – to read around the words you know from the song script, and send the recording file to teacher's e-mail.




 網路拼音教室 第五課 aieiaoou(ㄞ、ㄟ、ㄠ、ㄡ)

 說故事練習Pick up any story or from old text book 如:Demo video was modified from Mei Zhou Hua Yu BK2 Lesson6小水滴”。

口語練習Demo Videos: “New Year Resolution” 新年新希望

(Oral presentationAssignment- Theme: How to improve my Chinese?) 

Jackie: How to improve my Chinese?

Ethan: How to improve my Chinese?

  老外教你学中文和英语 (find out 4 tips from the video.)

21 thoughts on “Week13 CSL3 Go300 Lesson5 家在哪裡?

  1. Dear Joseph: Yes, I did receive your recording on Sunday, December 4, 2011 7:29 PM. And I post your work next to Ethan P. just next to #6 subject above.

  2. Hi Lao Shi!
    I did the online homework, but for part 1 (Dictation) and part 4 (Homophones) I do not know how to show you my results, so can you show me tomorrow how to do it? Also, tomorrow, I’ll hand you it by paper. Is that okay? Also, for part 3 (tongue twister), I can show you it online, here it is:
    7 add 1 subtract 1
    After adding and subtracting, what does it equal?
    7 add 1 subtract 1
    After adding and subtracting, it is also 7.

  3. Part one:
    qi4 氣, qi3 起, qi1 七, qi2 騎。
    Part two:
    qu3 娶, ji3 幾, xi3 洗, qu4 去。
    Part 3:
    lu4 路, lu4 綠, nu3 努, nu3 女。
    Part 4:
    xu1 鬚, lu2 驢, ji3 擠, qi4 汽。

  4. Translation:
    Seven plus one minus one,
    What does it equal after adding and subtracting?
    Seven plus one minus one,
    It’s still seven after adding and subtracting.

  5. Dear 鄭忠漢(Joseph): Wow, you are Incredible No.2.(100+4+1)

    4. xi1 西 息(Please see below)

  6. Laoshi:

    Here are my words:
    1. Kan1 看 刊
    2. Tu2 圖 途
    3. Gong1 公 功
    4. xi1 西 息
    5. xiao4 笑 校
    6. xiang4 向 像
    7. zuo4 做 作

  7. Lao Shi,

    Here are my homophones:
    1. 一 醫
    2. 要 藥
    3. 作 做
    4. 在 再
    5. 家 加

    I read the tongue twister and translated it. I will send the vocaroo recording soon.


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