2013 Week2 CSL3 學術比賽朗讀練習; 漢字的故事 : 自, 己; 網路拼音教室:第六課 an、en、ang、eng; Project 1: 繞口令

1/26/13 學校舉行校內學術比賽School Academic Contestplease practice and well prepare for this activity.

★ Yassna Khosravi 朗讀(Read Aloud) 餞別校書 + 老師的心 ★

 漢字的故事 :


Long time ago, 自 was the picture of a human nose, however, people always like to point at their nose when they introduce themselves, so 自 gradually means 'the self', then derives the meaning of 'independence'. The original meaning of 'nose' was replaced by 鼻.


漢字的故事 : 己 The Story of Chinese Character :己

己 depicts a twisted stem of a tree, it looks like a curling human body, he holds his body tightly in order to protect himself, but the meaning of twist or curling is then replaced by 卷, and now 己 solely means oneself. On the other hand, when a tree is getting old, its stem twists, 己 is used to describe the sixth stage of the plant's growth, thus becomes the sixth of TianGan.
On the other hand, the curl tree trunk represents the oldness of the tree, while an old tree has gone through so many things, it is experienced and can be seen as a record of the past days. Therefore, 己 also has the meaning of record or remembering something, but such meaning has been replaced by 記 and 紀.

網路拼音教室: 第六課 an、en、ang、eng (ㄢ、ㄣ、ㄤ、ㄥ)


流行歌 黄安 – 新鴛鴦蝴蝶夢 Xin yuan yang hu die meng (Butterfly Dreams)

The song script source (main idea) was from 餞別校書and the famous sentences:抽刀斷水水更流,舉杯消愁愁更愁still very popular in current slang.

Project 1: 繞口令Voki set up account (optional)

(2 out of 3-媽媽騎馬,葡萄和葡萄皮,左手和右手)

Please refer to :http://blog.huayuworld.org/eclassfun/10391/2010/01/05/39115





Go 300 Lesson6 我的心情 My Moods

生字筆順練習Practice 3 times for each word. 




課堂活動:製作 Frame Ornament


      Please find and list all  vocabularies/ phrases you knew inside the comment box.


配對記憶卡 What expressions did you see from below characters? and let's see how good is your memory? Please click the "Play" button to start the game. And find out which background design is your favorate one? Why? and how it affect to your mood?  




歡樂童謠不倒翁tumbler+狼與小孩+說哈囉 唱歌學中文:請從童謠中挑選出五~十句歌詞,作角色扮演練習。Please find your partner and  5~10 sentences for role playing presentation.


請問:如果你高興時你就會做什麼動作? If you are happy and you will…..?   Please list all the action verbs from the #3 說哈囉 song and make your own choice too.

  New Year Resolution – How to improve my Chinese?