Week7 Class Activities Project1「我的名字」成果展

 生字筆順練習Practice 3 times for each word.




(資料來源:http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/biweekly/596/a.htm )


 自我複習和評 http://quizlet.com/10067972/mz4-3-1-flash-cards/


網路拼音教室  三課 g、k、h、j、q、x


Project 1 我的姓名presentation- Please choose your favorate one (you can choose more than one) and provide the reason why? (After your vote the presenter will got one honnor stamp)





森倫 Simran Dhakalia

P1 Chinese Show&Tell: 我的好朋友   – What do you think about her performance?

Please describe how she introduce her good friend. (You can provide your answer in English or Chinese.)

卓依婷 – 朋友 (Friends)  – Sing along and try to figure it out about the meaning of song.

朋友歌  -Please use your own words to describe what is the really meaning for the friendship?

The Story of Chinese Character :友  

友 depicts one hand holding with another hand(又), when we are friends, we will hold each other's hand to show our familiarity.