Cool Tools: 線上拼圖遊戲 掛風鈴 NeoCounter

Dear Parents and Students:

Please allow one or two mins to download the puzzle (if your system with slow CPU and memory). Please try to answer the below questions inside the comment box. Or any experience you like to share with us during this summer.

(1) 線上拼圖遊戲(Jigsaw puzzle)→請猜猜看我們是誰?

(2) What did you hear (the sound)?你聽到什麼聲音?(Please turn on your speaker.)

(3) What number did you get from the NeoCounter?你是第幾位訪客visitor?

(4) How many Chinese characters in the last puzzle? What is the meaning of them?






New e Learning Software 每日e字

Dear CSL2A /28B Parents and Students:

How is your summer?  

**漫長的暑假,為免學生疏於中文練習,忘記所學,Please visit here daily with 5 to 10 mins study。Please practice the e strokes筆順 by your own pace, and don't forget to turn on the speaker for the pronunciation. Enjoy the e learning!! **

Daily e word:此動態筆跡為張炳煌老師真實利用「神來e筆」系統撰寫。

2009 北加州星談計劃-北加州中文學校聯合會起跑

北加州首次舉辦星談計劃師資培訓(3/14/09~5/30/09),來自不同中文學校的25位老師,歷經90小時的培訓,雖然辛苦,卻各自學習到不少東西。請點擊各連結,捕捉學習歷程中的每段珍貴鏡頭。【美中不足的是經費並沒有順利通過】 新唐人灣區新聞

90314 北加州中校聯會培訓師資: 口語評量工作坊及始業式

90315 教師培訓: 齊德立教授 – 口語能力評估實測 >

90321 教師培訓: 曾妙芬教授 – Linguafolio, backward design, lesson plan


90328 星談教師培訓 — 曾妙芬教授主講

90411 星談教師培訓 — 曾妙芬教授主講









CSL2A 四大"小帥哥"完成指頭紙偶(Paper Puppet)

Dear CSL2A: Thank you for the special long and unique cute "Thank you card", I love it very much.

頌揚(Enoch): Thank you for your "Thank you card", the picture very cute, and I love the Chinese characters you wrote, I will miss you too. "我也會想念你”。

樂恩(Faith): I love the letter head with your cute baby picture. The bracelet is very fancy and beautiful, I like it very much and I will wear it very often. Also, the 東西南北yellow paper game, I enjoy it as well. Thank you so much!!


5_30_09 熊政樺:假如我是中文老師……. 進階完成稿

5_16_09  熊政樺:假如我是中文老師……. 練習初稿

5/31/09 部落格及MOODLE學習心得分享


 20082009 年度 教學研討會(五)

運用E 化工具製作中文教材觀摩研習會

 Blog Moodle 之製作學習成果展及學習心得分享

Blog and Moodle experience sharing.pdf



(1) 臺北縣自編國小一至六年級生字簿

(2) 常用國字標準字體筆順學習網

(3) 現龍系列 ─ 現龍第二代

(4) 網路拼音教室