Happy New Year – 2010 Assignment 1 – 繞口令練習 及Voki 線上錄音工具介紹






How to create your Voki (CSL3 – Optional Project)


(1) Please go to www.voki.com register a account.

 (You need your e-mail+ Password+ Birthday +Check sign for agree Voki terms and condition.  “finish”) then go to your e-mail to activate your Voki account.

(2) Please go to www.voki.com Customize your character    選個自己要的畫像, 腦袋和眼睛會隨著滑鼠轉動的喔!Please try the above sample and 聽聽老師說甚麼話。  

(3) Get it a voice (Voki的使用方式:可打字,用電話或用麥克風錄音。) Voki的限制:錄音長度不能超過一分鐘,所以請小朋友先唸熟了再錄音。

(4) 選背景, 調整畫像的大小等    

(5) 選邊框顏色                                           

(6) 用麥克風輸入, click the "done", 再按圖下方的播放鍵, 就可試聽。

(7) 按照指示,可重聼,重錄,或按"publish",即可上傳存檔。

(8) 請按“Send to a friend”,輸入老師的e-mail address 或其他你想寄的人。





CSL3: Christopher Ong – 致遠 ; 黃章源 (3 繞口令) ; Edward – 黃章融 (3 繞口令)

         Keith – 黃俊杰 

29A:羅濤(1) link  羅濤(2) link        梁耀文  link   朱容宇(1)  朱容宇(2)         

      黎祐瑄(1)   黎祐瑄(2)            張玉琥(1) 張玉琥(2) 張玉琥(3)     鄭佳佑

      甘易修  方彥雅(1)  方彥雅(2)   楊延歡(1) 孟婕琦  謝魏敬謙  李詩揚

TOP: 華語文能力測驗(Test Of Proficiency – Huayu)

 Happy Holiday!! E-Card from Cai Laoshi~

TOP: 華語文能力測驗(Test Of Proficiency – Huayu)

 同學們知道自己的中文語言能力程度如何嗎?請利用兩周的休假空閒時間,在沒有繁重課業壓力下,依照以下步驟做線上 基礎模擬測驗,學生可以檢視自己學習華語的實力和成效,進而提昇學生的學習興趣和自信心。

(1) Please click Online practice drill

(2) Check your answer with [基礎答案]

(3) Report your test result: How long it take? and how many correct answers you got.

Note: 華語文能力測驗 線上練習 TOP Online Mock Test



2.此系統需逐題送出作答反應,無法累計作答分數。Please check your answer every 10 questions.


 一、這個題本一共有 80 題,考試時間是 80 分鐘 。包括下面兩個項目:

You have 80 minutes to work on this test. It consists of Listening and Reading Comprehension. The total number of test items is 80.

(1) 聽力理解Listening Comprehension (共 40 , 40 test items

(2) 閱讀理解Reading Comprehension (共 40 , 40 test items

Cool Tools: 線上拼圖遊戲 掛風鈴 NeoCounter

Dear Parents and Students:

Please allow one or two mins to download the puzzle (if your system with slow CPU and memory). Please try to answer the below questions inside the comment box. Or any experience you like to share with us during this summer.

(1) 線上拼圖遊戲(Jigsaw puzzle)→請猜猜看我們是誰?

(2) What did you hear (the sound)?你聽到什麼聲音?(Please turn on your speaker.)

(3) What number did you get from the NeoCounter?你是第幾位訪客visitor?

(4) How many Chinese characters in the last puzzle? What is the meaning of them?






New e Learning Software 每日e字

Dear CSL2A /28B Parents and Students:

How is your summer?  

**漫長的暑假,為免學生疏於中文練習,忘記所學,Please visit here daily with 5 to 10 mins study。Please practice the e strokes筆順 by your own pace, and don't forget to turn on the speaker for the pronunciation. Enjoy the e learning!! **

Daily e word:此動態筆跡為張炳煌老師真實利用「神來e筆」系統撰寫。