Week13 Class Activities 第五課 包餃子(1) +網路拼音教室 第五課 ai、ei、ao、ou(ㄞ、ㄟ、ㄠ、ㄡ)

 生字筆順練習Practice 3 times for each word.


自我複習和評量  http://quizlet.com/10069471/mz4-5-1-flash-cards/


 http://quizlet.com/10069471/test 正體字版Quizlet 電腦字卡遊戲


簡體(Simplified)Quizlet 電腦字卡遊戲 http://quizlet.com/17581658/mz4-5-1s-flash-cards/


如何包餃子(簡單容易三種方法)How to wrap a dumpling!





 網路拼音教室 第五課 aieiaoou(ㄞ、ㄟ、ㄠ、ㄡ)
火車調派員(重組) https://sites.google.com/site/meizhouhy/level4/train (review Lesson 3 & Lesson4)
** Please list all the sentences you found from the game.
遊戲設計:瘋狂布蘭達 (陳榮坤老師)



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  1. Hi 周鑫汶: You are Shinning Star No.9 (+5), thank you for your very detail report on your work. Could you just summary the main event you done? Appreciated your work on your Chinese learning.

  2. I played the dragon game again and got it all correct and did scatter and finished at 63 seconds and 3 seconds.I also played the train game and played three rounds.I watched the dumpling video again and saw the guy do the three methods of making dumplings.I also did flashcards and studided all the words.for homework again.I restudided and was able to complete both lessons . I did this for tons of points and to improve .see you at the 6.I also think every game should be more fun.I apreciate learning! bye and see you at December 6

  3. 张美君: You are Shinning Star No.8 (+5)

    Yes, I did receive your voice record for 文字接龍, great Job!! Please turn in your whole list.

  4. I did the recording project and my mom emailed it to you because my computer does not have any microphone.I did 32 phrases including the 8 from the example.

  5. I did the quiz and i also did the story of the dragon. I practiced three times for each word.I got 93 percent on quiz.I studied from lesson to lesson.I did the train game and played five times and i also did homework at saturday last week.I also watched the dumpling wrapper video and it showed how it was made and there was three methods to make dumplings.I also played an whole train game and beat it ,i also finished it.for the dragon game,i played it twice.i did the worksheet below the dragon game.i got it all right!I also studied for the final. i studied 2 lessons for 10 to 20 minutes and wrote them down . I memorized over 7 words .I hope i do well at final.sorry for not responding last week.

  6. 1.I practiced writing the words 3 times each.
    2.I got an A+ on quizlet.
    3. I saw the video of how to wrap a dumpling.
    4.I saw the pictures of the people who won.
    5.I saw the video of ai、ei、ao、ou.
    6.I fixed the sentences on the train.

  7. 林奇: I am glad you enjoy the Quizlet game. You are Shinning Star No.7 (+3)

    Sorry, I don’t understand your 2nd message content – 毛刀早草?????-

  8. #1 I wrote down three of each character (for practice!). #2 I watched the dumpling video,& now I know how to make dumplings. #3 I saw the dinosaur video. #4 I tried the train game.

  9. 1.生字筆順練習

    -我練習  假 餃 冰 箱 皮 菜 湯 三次


    -I did flashcard and got 93% in the quiz


    – I do not know how to 包 a dumpling. 3 Steps
    -3 Steps -1st=正面摺4次


    -I saw the pictures

    5.網路拼音教室 第五課

    -I watched the video.
    Multiple choice:1.(D) 2.(A) 3.(B) 4.(B) 5.(C) 6.(D) 7.(A) 8.(B) 9.(D) 10.(C)


    -I did it.It was fun.

  10. 蔡老师:item #6: sorry I forgot to list all the sentences I found when I was playing the game. Here are all the sentences I found from the two games.
    First game 美洲四之三感恩节:
    1 安安说了一个感恩节的笑话。
    2 安安喜欢说中文,也喜欢唱中文歌。
    3 明明今天去参加友友的生日会。
    4 各位老师,各位同学大家好。
    5 中中全家去参加感恩节游行。
    6 妈妈抱着弟弟一起看书。
    7 妈妈才回家,就忙着做饭。

    Second game 美洲四之四我不姓王:
    1 *啊!王老师,你变了!你没有以前胖,而且也没有以前高了。
    2 *你真的变了!你看,你连姓什么都变了!
    3 *他常常写错字,他也常常认错人。
    4 *张先生是一个很不细心、很马虎的人。
    5 *他不但聪明,而且做事认真。
    6 *他的笑话让大家忍不住笑了出来。
    7 *我们才几年没见,你变得有高又胖。
    8 *弟弟怎么忽然哭了?是不是跌倒了?
    9 *妈妈说今天会下雨,果然下起雨来了。
    10 *我们先去买东西,然后再回家。

  11. 马浩斌: You are Shinning Star No.1 (+8)
    Item #6: Please list all the sentences you found from the game.

  12. Week 13
    1.生字筆順練習。 假 餃 冰 箱 皮 菜 湯 我練習 三次。
    2. FLAHCARDS三次SCATTER 19 second, TEST:70% , 100%, 100%, SPACERACE 190 points。
    3. 我如何包餃子(簡單容易三種方法)

    4. 我 喜歡畫畫。
    5. 我看了網路拼音教室。

  13. 1. 我做了生字筆順練習.

    2. 自我複習和評量.我做了…
    -space race:290

    3. 我看了”How to wrap a dumpling!” 很聰明. 我最喜歡幫我的媽媽包餃子.

    4. 我看到馬浩斌和苗淇淇的照片. 他們很棒!

    5. 我看了網路拼音教室 第五課. 我拿了100%

    6. 火車調派員(重組):

  14. 1. 我寫假,餃,冰,箱,皮,菜,湯三次. 我知道它的筆畫.
    2. 我做quizlet考試得了一百分.

    3. 我看了How to wrap a dumpling!我最喜歡吃餃子. 我也會幫我媽媽包餃子.

    4. 祝賀馬浩斌和苗淇淇!!!

    5. 我看了ai、ei、ao、ou的錄影.我知道它們的聲音.

    6. 火車調派員(重組): 我重組了三組句子


  15. 1 生字笔顺练习:Practice 3 times for each word.

    我练习了假 饺 冰 箱 皮 菜 汤 三次 on the computer笔划练习。

    2 自我复习和评量

    我做了each drill: cards, learn, speller (got 100%), scatter (score is 25.4 ),and space race (score is 80 points).

    3 如何包饺子(简单容易三种方法)How to wrap a dumpling!

    我不会包饺子。After watching the video, I still don’t know how to wrap a dumpling.

    4 『汉字之美』颁奖及中文正体字识字打字比赛活动照片


    5 网路拼音教室: 网路拼音教室 第五课 ai、ei、ao、ou(ㄞ、ㄟ、ㄠ、ㄡ)


    题号 答题选择 对错 正确答案
    1 D 对 D
    2 A 对 A
    3 B 对 B
    4 B 对 B
    5 C 对 C
    6 D 对 D
    7 A 对 A
    8 B 对 B
    9 D 对 D
    10 C 对 C

    6 火车调派员(重组) https://sites.google.com/site/meizhouhy/level4/train
    (review Lesson 3 & Lesson4)
    I did both games. I think the game is fun.

  16. 1.Done
    2.Studied. Test: 93%
    3.Watched the video. I make dumplings differently. I make mine look like envelopes. Also, we use the square skins.
    4.The whole video is so beautiful.. I don’t have a favorite phrase.
    5. Watched. Read the english translation.
    6. Watched video.
    7.Watched the video. I already know those vowels… I didn’t really understand what the dinosaur was doing though. I took the quiz and got 5 wrong… but some of it was because I didn’t know those characters.

  17. 1.i watched all 4 videos
    2.i did the dragon thing
    3.i practiced all the words on Quizlet
    4.i got 22.8 seconds on scatter
    5.i got an 93% on Quizlet test

  18. Hi Korrie : You are Awesome No 7. (+6)
    I do enjoy your answers, we can see your efforts since you joined our class. Great Job!!

  19. 1. practiced the words three times:  假 餃 冰 箱 皮 菜 湯
    2. studied flashcards
    3. played scatter game & space race. I got 147,420 at first try!!!
    4. watched the dumpling-making video. I don’t know how to make dumplings, but I’ve helped my mom wrap wontons before. My brother & I had fun doing it because we wrapped different shapes & we over-stuffed them with meat! I think the first wrapping method is easier & I think I know how to wrap dumplings now.
    5. watched the song videos & I like this phrase the best:無奈朝來寒雨晚來風
    6.played the dinosaur pinyin game

  20. 1. wrote three times

    2. did the learn,speller,and test 100%

    3. I know how to make the dumplings.

    4. I have no favorite phrases or sentences.

    5. I saw the video.

    6. I did the dinosaur game.

  21. 1. I practice the words 3 times.
    2. I enjoy the two music my mom also thought it was good too.
    3. The dinosaur game was fun
    4. The how to make dumplings was good I hope that I get to make dumplings

  22. 一‘ 我看了影片。很喜歡獨上西樓。
    二‘ 我做了網路拼音教室和問題全部答對。
    三‘ Quizlet:我做了 Cards, Learn(分:14/14),Speller(分:13/14),Test(分:A+/100%),Scatter(時間:0:21.9),Race
    四‘ 我寫跟看了字。

  23. 1.I studied the flashcards
    2I got everything correct in Learn and speller.
    3.I got 100% in A+ test.
    4.I finished Scatter in 27.0 sec.
    5.Yay!I am #1 in race with the score of 43,160
    6.I listened to the songs.
    My favorite phrase is,jian3 bu2 duan4,li3 hai3 luan4.

  24. Avina : You are Awesome No.2.(+5) I am glad you enjoying the Dinosaur Hanyu Pinyin video. And I am so happy to see your effoet on the self online test. Please keep going.

  25. Dear 漫家達 (Victor): You are Awesome No.1.(+5) 你好棒喔, could you try to answer all the questions and provide more deeper of your opinions?

  26. 1.I practiced my words 3 times.
    2.I practiced the word phrases.
    3.I did the Learn and got 100%.
    4.I did Speller and got one wrong.
    5.I got 100% on the test.
    6.I have had some experience with making dumplings when my grandpa came over and we made about 100 of them.7.I also listened to the songs.


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