Week14 Class Activities 第五課 包餃子(2) + 從皮蛋看中西文化的差異和 能尊重不同地方飲食習慣的涵養 +麻婆豆腐的由來和做法 +2015 國粵語朗讀比賽文稿

 生字筆順練習Practice 3 times for each word.



正體字版Quizlet 電腦字卡遊戲 http://quizlet.com/10069771/flashcards




簡體(Simplified)Quizlet 電腦字卡遊戲 






漢字的故事 :


金 depicts the process of forging an axe. In ancient China, 金 can represent all kinds of metals, as people understood more, they started to categorise metals and created new characters such as 銅, 鐵 and 銀, 金 then only means gold which is the most expensive metal, and also means money.

The Story of Chinese Character :



覺 is composed of a picture of practising divination and 見(to look). Actually, 覺 is originated from 爻 and 見, so the pronunciations of 覺 and 爻 are similar. Divination is abstract and not easy to be understood, learners won’t know if there is narration only, once they have seen the demonstration, they will know what divination is. Another explanation, when ancient Chinese meet something unknown or unpredictable, they will practise divination, once they have seen(見) the result of divination(爻), they will know everything. 

外學生吃皮蛋 直呼好美味-民視新聞

 你知道什麼是皮蛋?你吃過嗎?Please share your thoughts about:





皮蛋噁心第一名? CNN記者道歉-民視新聞

美旅節目主持人來台 大啖皮蛋-民視新聞

「臭豆腐」鹹魚翻身 榮登CNN亞洲美食第二名


2011/07/16 台灣1001個故事- 雞蛋做成的皮蛋





2015 學術比賽 試題及答案卷樣本  2015_ANCCS_AC_4_Sample_Files



2015_ANCCS_ReadAloud_3_Traditional_ PinYin

2015_ANCCS_ReadAloud_2_Traditional_ ZhuYin

簡體字版 – 2015_ANCCS_ReadAloud_4_Simplified


37 thoughts on “Week14 Class Activities 第五課 包餃子(2) + 從皮蛋看中西文化的差異和 能尊重不同地方飲食習慣的涵養 +麻婆豆腐的由來和做法 +2015 國粵語朗讀比賽文稿

  1. 1.生字筆順練習

    – 我練習  煮 鍋 忙 香 覺 味 幸 三次


    -I did the quizlet and got 100% A+.I also did scatter and finished it in 19 seconds

    -漢字的故事 : 金-I watched the video
    -The Story of Chinese Character :覺-I watched the video

    3.外學生吃皮蛋 直呼好美味-民視新聞
    -皮蛋是black egg.I never tried it before.





    6.美旅節目主持人來台 大啖皮蛋-民視新聞


    7.「臭豆腐」鹹魚翻身 榮登CNN亞洲美食第二名


    8.2011/07/16 台灣1001個故事- 雞蛋做成的皮蛋




  2. 1. 生字筆順練習煮 鍋 忙 香 覺 味 幸 我了寫三次.
    2. 自我複習和評量 quizlet考試我得了一百分.

    3. 我看了Story of the Chinese Characters. 覺. 很容易明白

    4. 皮蛋是is a Chinese cuisine ingredient made by preserving eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing. The yolk will become creamy & brownish color. And the egg white will turn into something like black jelly.

    5. 我沒有吃過皮蛋,臭豆腐和豬血糕

    6. 麻婆豆腐的由來和做法要點:
    In Chang Dynasty, There was a old woman who has freckles all over her face. She was selling spicy tofu on the street. People liked the spicy tofu and named it after her.

  3. 1. 我寫假煮,鍋,忙,香,覺,味,和幸,三次. 我知道它的筆畫.
    2. 我做quizlet考試得了一百分. 我做scatter三十二秒鐘. 我做race得了兩百分.

    3. 我看了Story of the Chinese Characters. 我知道它的意思. 它很有趣.

    4-8. 皮蛋是preserved egg, also known as “thousand year egg. Through the process, the yolk becomes a dark green to grey color, with a creamy consistency and an odor of sulphur and ammonia, while the white becomes a dark brown, translucent jelly with salty or little flavor.

    7. 我沒有吃過皮蛋和「豬血糕」,但是我媽媽說皮蛋粥很好吃.

    5. 麻婆豆腐的由來和做法要點。

    It is called 麻婆豆腐 because in Chang dynasty the woman with freckles sold 麻婆豆腐, and everybody liked it and they named it after her.
    The trick of making 麻婆豆腐is to soak 10 minutes in salt water to add flavor and to make it avoid breaking apart.

  4. 1 生字笔顺练习:Practice 3 times for each word.

    我练习了 煮锅忙香觉味幸 笔划练习 on the computer for 3 times。

    2 自我复习和评量

    我做了each drill: cards,learn, speller (got100 % ), scatter (score is 21.7 ),and space race score is 190 points).

    (1) 汉字的故事 : 金
    金 means metal in old times, now it means rich, gold and money.

    (2)The Story of Chinese Character :觉
    觉 has 2 parts, the top and bottom. Top part 爻people get a tortoise shell and they write something . Then they toss it into a fire. After that a fortune teller tells someone their fortune. Bottom part 见is people looking the tortoise shell and seeing the fortune. 觉 means to feel or awake.

    3 外国学生吃皮蛋 直呼好美味-民视新闻 你知道什么是皮蛋?你吃过吗?Please share your thoughts about: 从皮蛋看中西文化的差异和能尊重不同地方的饮食习惯
    I watched the video. 外国学生喜欢吃皮蛋,不喜欢吃臭豆腐和鸭血。
    皮蛋是preserved duck egg. I tried the 皮蛋. The yolk tasted horrible and the entire thing was so bad I have to choke it down. I don’t like 皮蛋. However, I will not laugh at people who love 皮蛋 because each person has his or her own taste.

    4 西方与亚洲饮食文化各异:CNN列皮蛋为恶心食物?富比士列鸭仔蛋!
    I watched the video. Forbes Magazine Reporter 贝科维奇 ranked the most disgusting food. 贝科维奇said 皮蛋smell like Ammonia. He ranked皮蛋 number 9.

    5 皮蛋恶心第一名? CNN记者道歉-民视新闻
    CNN记者 wrote 皮蛋is the most disgusting food, later he apologized and said he just wanted to share the interesting experience of eating 皮蛋. He did not mean to insult people in Tai Wan.

    6 美旅节目主持人来台 大啖皮蛋-民视新闻
    知名旅游节目主持人 Samantha Brown liked皮蛋.

    7「臭豆腐」咸鱼翻身 荣登CNN亚洲美食第二名除了皮蛋之外,你是否曾经吃过「臭豆腐」和「猪血糕」吗?
    Even though 皮蛋is on CNN 亚洲美食第二名,a lot of 外国人don’t like 皮蛋.

    I tried 臭豆腐,but I did not like it because it is too different. I have not tried 猪血糕.

    8 2011/07/16 台湾1001个故事- 鸡蛋做成的皮蛋
    I watched the video. The video is about how a brother 林原伙and his sister林
    玉娟 making 皮蛋 by using 鸡蛋 instead of using duck egg because they have too many 鸡蛋. After tried different methods, they finally are able to make 100% healthy 无铅皮蛋。他们用天然海盐和苏打水腌制皮蛋。They also earn a lot of money because they are making good 皮蛋.

    9 快乐生活一点通:正宗的麻婆豆腐烹饪法 。请说说看:麻婆豆腐的由来和做法要
    I watched the video. This video is about how to make 正宗的麻婆豆腐step by step。
    麻要用花椒油和花椒面,辣要用辣椒面、豆瓣酱和泡辣椒。要点三:麻婆豆腐料汁如何味正: 加辣椒油煸牛肉末,用中火把牛肉末炒酥,然后加豆瓣酱,然后加泡辣椒,炒出香味和红色,然后辣椒面、豆鼓、蒜末和姜末,然后加料酒、酱油和水,然后加入豆腐,勾芡三次,最后加入花椒油,关火,等一会才起锅,“麻辣烫酥嫩整”的麻婆豆腐就好了。

    10 2015 学术比赛 试题及答案卷样本 2015_ANCCS_AC_4_Sample_Files

    我没看学术比赛试题及答案卷样本 ,因为我参加的是铅笔书法,不是朗读。

  5. #1 I wrote each character down 3 times.
    #2 I did the scatter and got 32.2 seconds on it.I also practiced the flashcards on Quizlet.
    #3 Last,but not least,I watched all nine videos.

  6. 1. I wrote all the words three times each.
    2.On quizlet I got 100%.
    3.I watched the video about 金 and 覺.
    4.I watched the other videos about pi dan,I really like pi dan. It is my favorite and I always eat it with porridge.

  7. 我写了: 煮,鍋,忙,香,覺,味,幸 六次。
    我做了,flashcards,test 得到100%/A+,scatter 得到 18.6 seconds。
    我看了: “金” 和 “觉” 的故事,外国學生吃皮蛋,CNN噁心食物,CNN记者道歉,麻婆豆腐。
    Thoughts about 皮蛋:
    I have eaten 皮蛋. 皮蛋 or preserved duck egg tastes a tiny bit metallic and partly like an every-day duck egg in the good way. It is not as bad as it looks or sounds.

  8. 我看/做了:
    2)皮蛋噁心第一名? CNN記者道歉-民視新聞。
    4)外學生吃皮蛋 直呼好美味-民視新聞.
    5)The Story of Chinese Character :覺
    6)漢字的故事 : 金
    8) 生字筆順練習

  9. 1. Test 93%
    2.Watched the stroke videos.
    3.Watched the other videos.
    4. I have tried MaPo Tofu but not thousand year old egg. I do not like the way it looks. I don’t really mind other people who like to eat it. It just doesn’t look right to me.

  10. 1. practiced the words 3 times
    2. studied flashcards
    3. watched Chinese character videos
    4. watched the other videos
    5. pi dan is preserved egg but I have not tried it. I There are different cultures and each one has their own food habits, but we should respect other cultures. It doesn’t mean you have to eat it, but you should at least respect their preference.
    6. I have not tried 臭豆腐 because I don’t like the smell or 豬血糕 because of its look.

  11. 1.I practiced my words
    2.I practiced the word’s phrases
    3.I got all correct for Learn
    4.I got one wrong for Speller
    5.I got A+ for the test
    6.I watched the word’s history videos
    7.I know what preserved means,it means something that can be kept for a long time without getting moldy.
    8.I have tried pi dan before and I kind of like it

  12. 1. I practice the words 3 times.
    2. I watch the cooking show with tofu.
    3.I watch The Story of Chinese Character :覺.
    4. I also watch the cooking shows.
    5. I like playing scatter.
    6. The test I got 97% on it.

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