Week15 Class Activities 石頭湯 冒氣的元寶-餃子的傳說 查字典─部首查字法  象形字和指事字


石頭湯(中文繁體版本 石頭湯.ppt  

石头汤 (中文简体版本)Reading and Critical thinking

More presentations from Kwan Mr




故事石頭湯(聽力測試 – how much do you understand?)

视频: 绘本石头汤(英文版本)玉米蛋花湯石頭湯 -.ppt (中文繁體版本)




 冒氣的元寶 – 請分享你的讀後心得

觀摩:國語朗讀組第一名What did you think about her performance? (請註意:You can't mention your name during the competition and the appearance is very important as well.)  What do you think about her performance? Please share your opinions.  



 Please list all the radical 部首and related characters you can find from below 2



數位內容與創新教學我形你也 _(四)文字雙胞胎




幼教童話童話故事 龜兔賽跑 

Use your own words to describe the story 

36 个字象形字动画 –  Please list the 36 Chinese characters you can find from the video.

Question: 請問你將如何運送虎,羊和花到對岸,而不讓花被羊吃掉,或是羊被老虎吃掉呢? 

指事字Hieroglyphics 屬於「獨體造字法」。與象形的主要分別,是指事字含有繪畫較抽像中的東西。例如「刃」字是在「刀」的鋒利處加上一點,以作標示;「凶」字則是在陷阱處加上交叉符號;「上」、「下」二字則是在主體「一」的上方或下方畫上標示符號;「三」則由三橫來表示。這些字的勾畫,都有較抽像的部份

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  1. I also watched the videos of the people who did the presentation.im sorry because of the presentation. i didnt do it because i havent heard of it. im sorry

  2. I did the flip story about 3 brothers an mad emperor and an sick mother.I also read the book and and studied the words from two lessons

  3. ok,so im sorry about being sick but i did myn homework and i also read about springtime and the poem and the recycling story where you put garbage in the soccer.for this,i watched a the videos and one of them shows how to draw and another one that they made another way of making the chinese character.I also studied the two lessons and words.

  4. 1.The three monks made stone soup to teach the the villagers how to cooperate and how to be happy.
    2.The little girl was the first villager to help the monks.
    3.The villagers were curious about the stone soup at first,but in the end,they were all happy.
    4.If I were a one of the villagers living in the village,I would donate a bushel of carrots.
    5.I think the stone soup would taste tremendously delicious because it had a bunch of different ingredients and was made well.
    6.It is easy to be & to find yourself happy when you are relived,and not stressed.
    7.The villagers were happy because they had learned to cooperate & trust each other.
    8.I don’t really have a favorite because they all learn to be cooperative.
    9.Sharing is a great source of happiness because if someone shares with you,you know you can trust that person.

    1.Watched all nine videos & finished reading both stories.
    2.The lesson you learn from “The Tortoise & the Hare”
    3.The 36 characters are:山,太,水,馬,林,木,草,象,石,火,子,日,鳥,雨,田,弓,月,花,刀,網,燕,魚,夫,羊,雲,舟,吞,門,狗,龜,老,豬,虎,舍,竹,& 狗.
    4.Transport goat halfway,then transport lion all the way along with the flower,then go back for the goat.

  5. 石頭湯:

    2 .小女孩先幫助和尚煮頭湯.

    3. 村民們看見和尚煮石頭湯之前,人民不要跟別人做事,都很自私. 村民們看見和尚煮石頭湯之後,他們高興的合作煮湯.


    5. 我認為最後的石頭湯美味又好喝. 因為村民放很多食物.

    6. 我認為獲得快樂很容易. 如果你很寬厚,你能使你和別人開心.

    7.– 村民會重新感到快樂, 因為他們學會了分享, 幫助別人

    8. 我最喜歡的角色是和尚因為他們很寬厚.他們教村民要懂得分享.

    9. 分享就是快樂最大的來源因為

    2. 故事:石頭湯(聽力測試 )
    I understand completely. She talks about the story of Stone Soup.

    3. 石頭湯(英文版本)
    In the English version, there were soldiers, not monks. Also, in the Chinese version, the monks taught the villagers a lesson, the soldiers only taught the villagers how to make the soup.

    4. 冒氣的元寶 – I feel that the rich man is not polite because made the old lady at the party eat the bad food and sit in the bad seat just because she was poor.

    5. 觀摩:國語朗讀組第一名. The girl did good because she has lots of expressions. She also reads very clear and loud.

    部首水- 河,江
    部首心 -愛,情
    部首手- 指
    部首草- 苞,奔
    部首青 -晴,清,情,
    部首包 -苞,泡,抱
    部首白 -拍,怕,泊

    5.幼教童話童話故事 龜兔賽跑
    One day, the rabbit and turtle were having a race. The rabbit bragged about being so fast and could beat the turtle easily. The turtle walked step by step slowly. The rabbit passed him and was almost to the finish line. The rabbit sat down and waited for the turtle to pass. As he fell asleep, the turtle walked past him and won the race.

    6. 36 个字象形字动画

    First take the sheep then the flower take back the sheep and drop him off and take the tiger, and go back to get the sheep and take him to the other island.

  6. 1.三位和尚要煮石頭湯因為村民從來沒有感到快樂。
    2.村民之中, 先幫助和尚一起煮石頭湯是小女孩。
    3. 村民們看見和尚煮石頭湯前不開興.
    4. 如果我是村民之一, 我會拿出蓮藕加進石頭湯.
    5.我認為最後的石頭湯美味又好喝, 因為每家都拿出好吃的東西加進湯裡。
    6. 我認為獲得快樂很容易,因為只要跟別人分享,不自私, 就能讓人感到快樂。
    7. 村民會重新感到快樂因為他們學會幫助別人.
    8. 故事中我最喜歡女孩因為她是第一個幫助和尚.
    2. 我知到很多。
    3. The English version is different from the Chinese version because
    -There are soldiers instead of monk
    -The villagers in the English version hid their food
    4. This book is very interesting.
    5. She was very good because she was emotional and talented.
    6.部首: 目,related characters: :見,眉
    部首:手related characters: :指
    部首:水related characters: :河,江
    部首:心related characters: :愛
    部首:草related characters: :苞
    部首: 包:related characters:苞,泡,抱
    部首:白related characters: 拍,怕,泊
    部首:青related characters: 清,情,清
    7. The rabbit was bragging that he was faster than the turtle and the turtle was arguing that he was faster. So they decided to hold a race to see who was faster. Whoever could get to the tree on the top of the hill wins. The turtle was indeed slow. The rabbit foolish enough to stop at the tree and take a little nap until the weather cools off. The turtle finally beats the rabbit, but the rabbit is still asleep. The turtle is almost to the finish line and the animals cheer. That racket woke up the sleeping rabbit and the rabbit saw that the turtle was far ahead. The rabbit ran as fast as he could and was right behind the turtle. Hooray! The turtle wins one step before the rabbit.
    8. 39 Chinese characters: 六, 月, 水, 火, ㄖ, 山, 林, 木, 鳥, 象, 草, 田, 竹, 馬, 人, 刀, 船, 舟, 魚, 網, 燕, 雲, 雨, 傘, 石, 鬼, 鹿, 豬, 叟, 虎, 弓, 市, 羊, 花, 門, 句, 子, 女, 舍.
    9. I would take the goat, then take it back, then take the flower, then the tiger and then finally the goat.

  7. 我看了兔子和乌龟的故事。兔子跑得很快,可是因为他看不起乌龟,然后在比赛中睡觉了。结果,他输给乌龟了。我喜欢这个故事。

  8. 我看了國語朗讀組第一名。她说得很好,但是她没有看观众。中得来说,她的演讲很成功。

  9. 1.The three monks made stone soup to make every one in the village cooperate and work together
    2.The girl was the first villager to help the monks make it
    3.The villagers first were curious about stone soup and at the end they were happy
    4.If I were one of the villagers I would donate a potato
    5.I think the final stone soup is delicious because they had a lot of ingredients and soup stuff
    6.It is easy to be happy when you are not sad or mad
    7.The villagers feel happy because they have learned to trust each other and cooperating
    8.I don’t really have a favorite because in the story they are all happy
    9.sharing is the biggest source of happiness because when some one shares something with you, you can trust them
    2.I watched the video about the eye
    3. I watched the video.
    4 I watched the video of the dictionary.
    5.I watched the video of the bunny & the turtles race.
    6.the 36 words are 花,羊,虎,门,弓,犬,子,女,家,舌,鹿,龟,石,日,月,木,火,燕,雨,刀,匆,叟,云,山,鱼,夫,伞,鸟,象,田,竹,马,草,林,豕,舟.
    7.I watched the video about dao.

  10. 4 冒气的元宝 – 请分享你的读后心得
    The story was really good. The three sons were really nice to their mommy and very 孝顺。They made dumplings by combining their foods. This story tells us that when we run into problems or difficulties, don’t give up and try to find ways to solve them. In addition 孝顺brings good luck.

    5 观摩:国语朗读组第一名What did you think about her performance? (请注意:
    You can’t mention your name during the competition and the appearance is
    very important as well.) What do you think about her performance? Please
    share your opinions.
    She did not make a lot of eye contact with the audience. Overall she was good. she spoke loudly and clearly.

    Please list all the radical 部首and related characters you can find from
    below 2 videos.
    二 数位内容与创新教学-我形你也形_(三)部首大补帖

    部首:目 字:见,眉
    部首:水 字:河 江
    部首:心 字:爱情
    部首:手 字:指
    部首:草 字:苞 奔

    三 数位内容与创新教学-我形你也形 _(四)文字双胞胎

    四 康轩101(一)国小国语 – 查字典─部首查字法
    I watched the video and found “如”on my Chinese dictionary page 129. I also found my last name 马 on page 745, my first name 浩 is on page 337
    and 斌 is on page 255.

    五 幼教童话童话故事 龟兔赛跑 Use your own words to describe the story
    兔子used to tease turtle that turtle’s legs are too short, and he could not never catch up with rabbit. One day rabbit told turtle, “your legs are so short, you could not run any races.” Then turtle told rabbit, “if
    you don’t race me, how will you know?” Rabbit said, “my legs are longer than yours I can just jump to the finish line.” one of the forest animals Fox said, “let’s have a race.” At the race, fox said, “ready, go.” During
    the race, when rabbit was far ahead of turtle, he decided to take a break. Turtle passed rabbit in the evening. At the finish line, monkey saw turtle was ahead of rabbit. Fox took out his telescope and saw it was true that turtle was ahead. Then the other forest animals started cheering for turtle.
    When rabbit woke up and he saw turtle was ahead of him, so he ran as fast as he could. However, rabbit still lost. Rabbit was over confident and 看不起turtle,掉以轻心。 That’s why rabbit lost the race.

    六 36 个字-象形字动画 – Please list the 36 Chinese characters you can find
    from the video.
    36 Chinese characters: 日山水林木鸟象草田竹马夫刀舟鱼网燕云雨伞石火龟鹿豕叟虎弓舍羊花门犬子女月

    Question: 请问你将如何运送虎,羊和花到对岸,而不让花被羊吃掉,或是羊被老
    First I take the goat, then take the tiger, and take the goat back, then take the flower, last take the goat.

    七 指事字Hieroglyphics 属于「独体造字法」。与象形的主要分别,是指事字含
    I watched the video and learned the following characters from the video:人

  11. 2 说故事:石头汤(听力测试 – how much do you understand?)
    Hi everyone. My name is 陈千如。Today the story I will talk about is stone soup. There are three monks. One is A 福,one is A Lu , one is A Shou. They were traveling by following the mountain road and came to a village. The village has been through war, 洪水,and 饥荒。Thus the village people have changed to be selfish, don’t care about other people. When monks arrived in the village, the village people hid. They closed the windows and turned
    off the lights. The monks knocked on the doors and nobody opened door for them.
    The monks said these people did not know what was happiness. The oldest monk said he wanted to teach them how to make stone soup. Three monks started
    making stone soup. A small girl saw them and ran to them and ask what they were doing. The monks told her that they were making stone soup and needed three round and smooth big stones. She found 3 stones in the yard for the monks. Then she rushed home to get the biggest pot and rolled like a ball out of the house. Her
    mom asked what she was doing and she said three strangers wanted to make stone soup and needed their big pot. Her mom laughed and said 我长大这么
    大,never heard stone soup and she wanted to know what tricks the monks were playing. The smoke spread out, the people looked through the windows and were curious what was going on, so they opened their doors and came out to look. 阿福said we needed more food to put in the soup. People started
    bringing more and more food. The soup became very delicious and the people
    started eating. After eating, they sang, danced and had fun. They learned
    how to be happy.

    陈千如talked the story very well, but she talked too fast for me.

    3 视频: 绘本石头汤(英文版本)玉米蛋花汤石头汤。
    异: English version: characters are 3 soldiers and Chinese version are 3 monks.
    异: Chinese version: village people hide in the house and close windows when monks arrive in the village while English version village people just hide their food.
    异:When they went to village, soldiers were hungry and tired while monks
    wanted to know what make people happy.
    异::Chinese version: village people don’t socialize with each other. 邻居之间不来往
    异: when village people heard soldiers were coming, they talked among themselves
    while village people did not talk to each other when monks arrived.
    异:village people opened door to the soldiers and told soldiers they did not have food while village people would not open doors to the monks.
    异: Chinese version: no beef, no potato, no milk, no oatmeal, no cider
    异:English version: don’t have the following food: fresh mushrooms, noodles, pea pods, bean curd, dumplings, cloud ear, mung beans, yams, taro root, winter melon, baby corn, garlic, ginger root, soy sauce, lily buds, rice,
    steamed buns, lychee nuts, sweet cakes, tea and lit lanterns.
    同:soldiers and monks went to village
    同:village people don’t like strangers.
    同: village people brought a lot of food.
    同: used big pot to make soup
    同: both needed fire, water, 3 stones, salt and pepper, carrots, cabbages
    同: set up table for banquet.
    同:after the banquet, both had fun and leaned to share and be happy

  12. 一 课后延伸学习─『石头汤』故事的阅读、听力和思考能力练习
    1 石头汤 (中文简体版本)Reading and Critical thinking
    (1) 请问三位和尚为什么要煮石头汤呢?
    (2) 村民之中,谁最先帮助和尚一起煮石头汤呢?
    Before 村民们 stayed inside the house and closed windows, after they walked out of their house and wanted to know what’s going on.
    (4) 如果你是村民之一,你会拿出什么东西加进石头汤中呢?
    (5) 你认为最后的石头汤美味又好喝吗?为什么?
    (6) 你认为获得快乐很容易吗?除了利用煮石头汤之外,还有什么方法能让人感到
    It is easy to be happy when you are not angry. It is hard to be happy when you are angry. 除了利用煮石头汤之外,the following ways can make people happy: help someone do something or do something for other people, rake leaves for people who cannot do themselves, help people clean their house if they cannot do themselves.
    (7) 你认为村民为什么会重新感到快乐呢?是因为他们学会了什么事呢?
    Each person opened their heart to give, the other people even gave more.
    When they give, they are happy. They learned that 分享让人富足。
    (8) 故事中你最喜欢哪一个角色呢?为什么?
    故事中我最喜欢的一个角色是小姑娘because she helped the monks first.
    (9) 为什么「分享,就是快乐最大的来源」?请说说看其中的道理。
    因为 being kind and generous to other make them and yourself happy.

  13. 1.課後延伸學習─『石頭湯』故事的閱讀、聽力和思考能力練習
    -1.The 3 monks made stone soup because they wanted to make the villagers cooperate, work
    together,and share.
    -2.小姑娘=girl was the first one who help 煮 石 頭 湯
    -3.Before the 3 monks 煮 石 頭 湯, the villagers were stingy and selfish.After the 3 monks
    煮 石 頭 湯,the villagers started to share.
    -4. 如 果 我 是 a villager, I would bring eggs
    -5.I think 最 後 的 石 頭 湯 is delicious because it had a lot of food and it makes me want
    me want to eat it.
    -6.Being happy is sometimes easy and hard.It is hard to be happy if you are in a bad mood
    and it is easy to be happy if you are in a very good mood.
    -7.The villagers learned to share,cooperate,work together,and trust each-other
    -8.I like the girl because she was the first person who helped the 3 monks.
    -9.Sharing is the largest source of happiness because if you share with someone,they’ll
    give you something back in return.If you share with someone,you and other people are going
    to be happy.You can also make friends if you share with other people.
    -我看了-The video is talking about a girl telling a story about “Stone Soup”.
    我看了-The video is talking about three soldiers finding a place to eat and sleep.They
    suddenly saw a village and thought they could get shelter and food.When the villagers heard
    about the 3 soldiers,they were scared.So they hid all their foods and drinks before the 3
    soldiers came.When the 3 soldiers went to the village,they started to ask for food.All
    the villagers said they didn’t have food and they didn’t have a good harvest.The 3 hungry
    soldiers said.”Since you guys don’t have food, we will make Stone Soup”.The 3 soldiers
    started with a big pot and 3 stones.Then,they put the fire and put water.Later, the
    villagers got food and put it in the big pot.The 3 soldiers stir all of the food and it
    finally became Stone Soup.Everyone got their bowls and enjoyed the stone soup.The
    villagers gave the 3 soldiers shelter.The next day,the 3 soldiers left the village.
    -I think her performance is good.One thing I don’t like about the performance is she keeps on
    looking at the paper.



    3.數位內容與創新教學-我形你也形 _(四)文字雙胞胎


    4.康軒101(一)國小國語 – 查字典─部首查字法


    5.幼教童話童話故事 龜兔賽跑

    -The rabbit and the turtle both agreed to race.When the race started, the rabbit was ahead
    of the turtle.In the middle of the race,the rabbit decided to take a nap.When the rabbit was taking
    a nap,the turtle catch up.Later,the turtle almost reached the finish line.The rabbit later
    on woke up and saw the turtle almost reaching the finish line!The rabbit quickly ran.At
    the end,the turtle won the race and beat the rabbit by 1 centimeter.


    -36 Chinese words:日,月,水,火,山,木,林,太,鳥,象,草,田,竹,刀,船,魚,淨,吞,雲,雨,傘,鹿,石,龜,老,豬,虎,弓,家,

    7.指事字Hieroglyphics 屬於「獨體造字法」

    – 我看了

  14. 回答问题:
    3) 开始村民们躲进屋里,后来一个个跟着出来

    5)龟兔赛跑:乌龟跟兔子说我们一起赛跑。兔子在比赛的半路睡着了。乌龟不停的跑,结果追上了兔子。最后, 兔子醒来已经太迟了,追不上乌龟了。结果乌龟赢了!
    6)36个字: 花,羊,虎,门,弓,犬,子,女,家,舌,鹿,龟,石,日,月,木,火,燕,雨,刀,匆,叟,云,山,鱼,夫,伞,鸟,象,田,竹,马,草,林,豕,舟。
    7)人山木,刀 -> 刃,上下

  15. 1.The three monks made stone soup to make every one in the village cooperate and work together
    2.The girl was the first villager to help the monks
    3.The villagers first were curious about stone soup and at the end they were happy
    4.If I were one of the villagers I would donate a potato
    5.I think the final stone soup is delicious because they had a lot of ingredients and soup stuff
    6.It is easy to be happy when you are not sad or mad
    7.The villagers feel happy because they have learned to trust each other and cooperating
    8.I don’t really have a favorite because in the story they are all happy
    9.sharing is the biggest source of happiness because when some one shares something with you, you can trust them

    2.I watched videos #2-4
    3.the story is trying to say that you don’t get credit if you don’t work hard
    A:I would first transport the sheep halfway, the baby tiger all the way across and then the flower across and then send the sheep
    5.watched video

  16. 一 . 1. the three monks wanted to teach them how to be happy
    2. a little girl
    3. before they made the soup they were stingy, selfish, and unfriendly like Ebeneezer scrooge but after they made the soup they got friendlier
    4. eggs
    5. no too many vegetables
    6. no it’s hard, giving gifts
    7. they learned how to share
    8. the girl cause she’s nice
    9. cause they think so an you see them happy

    2..totally understand

    3. there were three soldiers in 3. three monks in 2. hungry in 3. wanted to teach them how to be happy
    二 目 水手
    三 見眉睛河江泡泊愛情怕苞抱拍掅

    五 the rabbit mocked the turtle because he was slow then the turtle wanted to race the rabbit so they would know who was the fastest. Then the turtle wins the race because the rabbit took a nap during the middle of the race allowing the turtle to catch up and win.
    六 月水火ㄖ山林木鳥象草田竹馬人刀船舟魚網燕雲雨傘石鬼鹿豬叟虎弓市羊花門句子女舍
    I would take the lamb first then the tiger and carry the lamb back and bring the flower then the lamb just like the story if he could only carry one object at a time.
    七 watched the video about hieroglyphics

  17. Dear Korrie : You are Perfect No.2. (+100 for 1 小考成績)

    Happy Holidays to you! You are in Hong Kong right now right? Have a pleasant trip.

  18. 1. The monks are trying to trick the villagers into cooperating and sharing their resources.

    The first villager to help was the little girl.

    I would probably offer something, maybe corn, to the soup.

    The final soup is only delicious if people share and add different types of food in the soup. They have to work together.

    It isn’t easy to achieve happiness. You have to work for it. It’s hard to be happy when you have people who you don’t trust around you.

    The villagers learned to trust each other, and that’s one of the first steps to success. They want to be able to live a prosperous life.

    I like the little girl the best because she volunteered to help the monks.

    “Sharing” is the greatest source of happiness because you can live knowing that there are people around you who you can trust and share things with.

    2. 部首: Mu (jian, mei)
    Shui (he, jiang)
    Xin (ai, qin)
    Shou (zhi, fan)
    Cao (bao, bun)
    Nu (Ru)

    3. The turtle was challenged to a race by the hare. The hare was over-confident and thought that the turtle was never going to catch up, so he took a nap. The turtle wins the race by a second, because the hare wakes up from hearing shouting coming from the top of the hill. “Slow and steady, wins the race.”

    4. shui, mu, niao, xiang, cao, tian, zhu, ma, fu, dou, chuan, yu, wang, yun, shi, huo, gui, hu, yang, hua, men, gou, nu, gong, yue, ri, jiang, lin, ren, xia yu. I would definitely take the tiger and flower first, and then the lamb.
    5. watched hieroglyphics video

    Happy Holidays, Cai Lao Shi!!!

  19. 1.They are cooking the stone to try and “trick” the villagers into helping each other.

    The girl who got the pot I think was the first to help them.
    After the villagers saw the monk boiled stone soup, they got excited and wanted to see what was going on.

    I would probably offer something if I could. It is always polite to offer something if someone is going to share something with you.

    The final soup can be delicious, many people contributed good ingredients. Since each person only has a couple of things its definitely better than eating each thing separately.

    No, being happy isn’t easy.

    Well hunger is one thing. If they don’t feel safe, they will never be happy. A peaceful and prosperous life is what makes people happy.

    The villagers may be happy again because they have learned to cooperate and trust each other, if they can trust each other then they will all feel safe.
    I like the monks. They’re tricky old guys.
    Sharing is the biggest source of happiness because in sharing there is trust. If you don’t trust people you’ll never feel secure in your good fortune- you’ll always feel people will take it from you. But if you can trust people then you will be able to share your fortunes without fear.

    Watched the videos.

    2.Watched video
    3.Watched video
    4.Watched video
    5. “Slow and steady wins the race”
    6. Ri, Shan, Shui, Mu, Lin, Niao, Ma, Xiang, Cao, Tian, Ren, Chuan, Dao, Yu, Yun, Xia Yu, Jiang, Shi, Huo, Hu, Gong, Yang, Hua, Men, Guo, Nu, Er zi, Yue. Probably I would take the tiger and the flower over first so I could have only two trips.
    7. Watched Video.

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