WK5 CSL2 Parents Notice

Week5 CSL2 Parents Notice.pdf


Week 3Super Student of the Week : 余子維(Amanda)

看圖找字配對遊戲: Matching game


Welcome Bianca Aggarwal to CSL2 class. 

Bianca introduce herself and share her Chinese learning experience. 

一次課堂實際操作練習Go 300 教材,

謝謝鄧詠恩的爸爸demo Go 300 DVD.
家長們和同學(Raymond)討論使用Go 300 的看法


7 thoughts on “WK5 CSL2 Parents Notice

  1. This is the first time you visit here and left your comment.I am so happy, and you are Fantastic No. 3. (+3)

  2. Laoshi –

    The matching game was fun. I liked the dancing stars too. Next time I will play more.


  3. Hi Ethen: I am glad you like the matching game. I believe you will remember the Chinese characters more sold now. You are Fantastic No. 2. (+4)

  4. Dear Joseph: You are Fantastic No. 1. I just released my parent notice not long ago, and you already done the matching game. Good for you and keep going. (+5)


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