Week7 Parents Notice – Voxopop + Voki 線上錄音工具介紹 + Voki成果展 +萬聖節角色扮演活動

 中國話歌詞 中國話歌詞.pdf  中國話 with 注音符號.pdf

 (Enlarge version 請點此)    (Hanyu Pinyin version )



(i) You need to sign up a free Voxopop account to access this assignment. (username, password, e-mail address,country, you can upload your picture or simply use the icom they provid.)

(ii) Once you have your Voxopop account, please login, click “Record a message”, 錄音使用方式:可打字,用電話或用麥克風錄音。Then, it will automatically upload and line up with 我的錄音檔. Try it out and have fun. 

錄音作業(Voki):請選擇兩則你最喜歡的“中國話”繞口令,再用Voki 錄音,你就會看到你的avatar替身在說繞口令喔。

How to create your own Voki ?

(1) Please go to  http://www.voki.com/ register an account.

(i). You need to provide your e-mail+ Password+ Birthday +Check sign for agree Voki terms andcondition.  “finish”) then

(ii) go to your e-mail to activate your Vokiaccount.

 (2) Please go to  http://www.voki.com/ customize your character選個自己要的畫像, 腦袋和眼睛會隨著滑鼠轉動的喔!Please try the above sample and  聽聽老師說甚麼話。  

(3) Get it a voice – Voki 的使用方式:可打字,用電話或用麥克風錄音。Voki 的限制:錄音長度不能超過一分鐘,所以請小朋友先唸熟了再錄音。

(4) 選背景, 調整畫像的大小等      

(5) 選邊框顏色                                             

(6 用麥克風輸入, click the “done”, 再按圖下方的播放鍵, 就可試聽。

(7) 按照指示,可重聼,重錄,或按“publish”,即可上傳存檔。

(8) 請按“Send to a friend”,輸入老師的e-mail address 或其他你想寄的人。

 Quizlet 電腦字卡遊戲 








Happy New Year – 2010 Assignment 1 – 繞口令練習 及Voki 線上錄音工具介紹






How to create your Voki (CSL3 – Optional Project)


(1) Please go to www.voki.com register a account.

 (You need your e-mail+ Password+ Birthday +Check sign for agree Voki terms and condition.  “finish”) then go to your e-mail to activate your Voki account.

(2) Please go to www.voki.com Customize your character    選個自己要的畫像, 腦袋和眼睛會隨著滑鼠轉動的喔!Please try the above sample and 聽聽老師說甚麼話。  

(3) Get it a voice (Voki的使用方式:可打字,用電話或用麥克風錄音。) Voki的限制:錄音長度不能超過一分鐘,所以請小朋友先唸熟了再錄音。

(4) 選背景, 調整畫像的大小等    

(5) 選邊框顏色                                           

(6) 用麥克風輸入, click the "done", 再按圖下方的播放鍵, 就可試聽。

(7) 按照指示,可重聼,重錄,或按"publish",即可上傳存檔。

(8) 請按“Send to a friend”,輸入老師的e-mail address 或其他你想寄的人。





CSL3: Christopher Ong – 致遠 ; 黃章源 (3 繞口令) ; Edward – 黃章融 (3 繞口令)

         Keith – 黃俊杰 

29A:羅濤(1) link  羅濤(2) link        梁耀文  link   朱容宇(1)  朱容宇(2)         

      黎祐瑄(1)   黎祐瑄(2)            張玉琥(1) 張玉琥(2) 張玉琥(3)     鄭佳佑

      甘易修  方彥雅(1)  方彥雅(2)   楊延歡(1) 孟婕琦  謝魏敬謙  李詩揚

語音聽讀練習Project 1-接龍遊戲和網上錄音

小朋友,還記得怎麼玩文字接龍嗎?(Connecting phrases one after another: make a phrase starting with the last character of the previous phrase.) Please see below sample (CSL2A 翁致遠)作品。

Project 1學習目標:藉由接龍遊戲 ,認識漢語拼音,並訓練孩子們詞語的組織能力;再使用線上錄音器Vocaroo讓學生自我反覆聽讀錄製,達到自我學習的效果。

Step 1:

Please click below link or picture and enjoy the game, after 2 pages practice(click the "下一頁to change the page), please continue on the last one phrase 遠走,and make your own phrases. (At least 5 phrases for CSL3; and at lease 20 phrases for 29A class.)

僑教雙週刊 接龍遊戲 http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/biweekly/592/c6.htm

Please click the red mouth circle if you like to hear how to pronounce the words.

Step 2:

Please click the link http://vocaroo.com/ –> "Click to Record" record all the phrases plus your new phrases from Step 1 接龍。"Click to Stop" when you done, then you can "Listen" or "Record again".

Step 3:

Please said your name first and after you satisfy your work, please sent the file to my e-mail via "Send to a friend". (Not "post to internet", unless you want to share your file with everyone.)

Step 4:

Please remeber to back to  "發表迴響"欄comment box, tell everyone you have done your job and how many phrases you made.

Formatted you can use as: XXX (your name), Class: XXX, I have done my project for total phrases of:__________. (8+5+? for CSL3;   8+20+? for 29A)

(Due date: 10/24/09, you have one month to work on this project. Enjoy and have fun!!)