August 3

Meeting New Friends-A

王: 方先生,您早。 這是我的朋友李先生。Good Morning, Mr. Fang.  This is my friend, Mr. Lee.

李:   我是李文,很高興認識您。I am Lee Wen.  I am glad to meet you.

方: 李先生,您好。請坐, 請喝茶。How are you,  Mr. Lee?  Please sit down and have a cup of tea.

王: 您別客氣, 我們自己來。Don’t bother.  We will help ourselves.

方: 李先生,您是在上班,還是念書? Mr. Li, Are you working now or still studying?

李: 我還在念書。I am still studying (still a student).

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