September 30

Visiting Grandparents

看望祖父母 Visiting Grandparents

暑假有什麼安排嗎?Do you have any plans for the summer vacation?

明天我就要回臺灣去看望我的祖父母了。Tomorrow I’m going back to Taiwan to see my grandparents.

我也很想念我的爺爺、奶奶,可惜不能回去。 I miss my grandparents too.  It is a pity I cannot go.

這次回臺灣,我母親還有一個要求呢。 My mother agreed to let me go to Taiwan under one condition.

什麼要求? 一定是不准你跟弟弟吵架。 What condition? I bet it’s that you cannot quarrel with your younger brother.

不是。我母親規定我們,在臺灣不准說英文。My mother forbids us from speaking a word of English while we are in Taiwan.

不管怎樣,我還是羡慕你能夠回臺灣度假。 No matter what, I still envy you for going to Taiwan on vacation.

我要去收拾行李了,到了臺灣再寫信給你。I’m going to pick up my luggage.  I will write you when I arrive in Taiwan.

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September 29

Plan for Summer Vacation

暑假的計劃今天開始放暑假了,你有什麼計劃嗎?Summer vacation starts today。 Do you have any plans?

最近忙著準備考試, 哪有心情想其他的事!I have been preparing for exams.  I haven’t thought about it.

暑假至少有兩個半月,千萬不要浪費掉了。 There are at least two  and a half months of vacation.  Don’t waste your time.

我想去打工賺錢,等存夠了錢就去旅行。I would like to work to make enough money for traveling.

你的年紀只能幫人剪草坪、送報,還能做什麼呢?You are only old enough to mow lawns or to deliver newspapers  What’s good is that

可以給我一些建議嗎?Could you give me any suggestions?

我認為學電腦、中文,對未來比較有説明。I think you can take computer classes or study Chinese. That would be more useful.

好,我就一邊打工一邊學電腦。Okay, then I will take computer classes  while I am working.




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September 28

A Television Show

電視節目A Television Show

最近有一部電視影集很受歡迎,你看過嗎? Have you seen the latest popular TV series?

沒有,其實我很少看電視。No, I seldom watch TV.

你平常都看哪些節目?Which program do you usually watch?

除了新聞報導之外,頂多就是看體育節目。 Besides the daily news, I mostly watch sports.

我經常看電視,連兒童節目都愛看。I often watch TV. I even watch children’s programs.

不少卡通影片和兒童節目都製作得很用心。 Some cartoons and children’s programs are very well done.


There are shows with a lot of content that are entertaining and educational.

其實,看電視也是一種很正當的休閑活動。 Actually, watch TV is good leisure activity.

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September 26

Shopping in a supermarket-A

逛超市 Shopping in a supermarket


This fruit is very fresh.  Besides, the price isn’t expensive, neither.


This news supermarket provides not only fair prices but also a cozy environment.


There are more items sold in supermarkets than those in traditional markets.


The refrigeration facilities in supermarkets make the food fresher and more sanitary.


Aside from the reasonable price and excellent quality, parking is also very easy.


Supermarkets procure their goods directly from the producers, so their price  are even lower.


A lot of people buy food here after work.


A lot of people buy food here after work. The business hours of the supermarket a longer.  And it’s more convenient and timesaving to shop there.


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September 25

A Mother’s Day Gift-B

A Mother’s Day Gift
母親節快到了, 你要送什麼禮物呢?
Mother’s day is coming. What are you going to give?
啊! 我差點就忘了,母親節是什麼時候?
I almost forgot. When is mother’s Day?
I’ll check my calendar.
Look! May 12th, next Sunday, is Mother’s Day.
What are you going to send?
我媽媽什麼也不缺, 實在很難決定.
Mom doesn’t need anything so it’s really hard to decide..
買化妝品怎麼樣? 聽說,化妝品和首飾都是女人的最愛。
How about cosmetics? I heard cosmetics and jewelry are ladies favorites.
誰說的?像我媽媽從來不用化妝, 也不戴首飾。
Who said so? My mom never wears make-up nor jewelry.
Mom has always loved plants, and I’ll buy her a plant.
What are you going to give your mom?
有了! 我要送機票給我的媽媽, 請她到臺灣來旅行。Right! I‘ll send a plane ticket to my mom, and invite her to Taiwan.
哇! 聽起來很不錯! 你真用心!
Sounds great! You’re really sweet.

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September 25

Mother’s Day Gift-AA

母親節的禮物A Mother’s Day Gift


Let’s check up the calendar to see which date is Mother’s Day this year.


May fourteenth is Mother’s Day this year.

媽媽樣樣不缺, 實在很難決定

Mom has everything. It’s really difficult to make a decision.


Mom has always loved __________________. Let’s buy her _______________.

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