April 1

Very Happy

好快樂好歡喜 Very happy very grateful
藍藍的藍天多麼亮麗,關心著我和你。The blue sky is all so radiant, taking care of you and me
藍天希望每一個人,有一副好身體。。The blue sky hopes that everyone has a healthy body.
白白的白雲飄向萬里,關心著我和你。White clouds drifting towards eternity, taking caring for you and me.
白雲喜見每一個人,不斷的練身體。White clouds welcome everyone’s daily exercise for a strong body.
有體力有智力,健全的身心有活力。To have physical rigor, mental toughness, and holistic vitality.
有動力有耐力,旺盛的精神有毅力。To have strength, endurance, and lively spirit to continue onwards.
藍天和白雲時常祝福, 祝福呀我和你。Blue sky and white clouds often bless you and me.
身體健康精神飽滿,好快樂好歡喜。A healthy body and a lively spirit, very happy very grateful.
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