January 9

Grandmother’s house

外婆家 grandmother’s house

放假了,我去外婆家。I go to my grandmother’s house for vacation.

外婆上市場。My grandmother goes to the market

買了青菜,買了瓜,My grandmother bought green vegetables and bought melons.

買了水果,買了花。My grandmother bought fruits and bought flowers.

哇!還買了點心和奶茶Wow! My grandmother also bought desserts and bubble tea.

大家吃得笑哈哈!Everybody eats and laughs!

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January 8

Rainy Day

下雨天,rainy day,

我在雨中走,I walk in the rain.

 外頭下大雨,It is pouring outside.

 裡頭下小雨。 It is drizzling inside.

 哎呀!傘壞了,Ai Ya! The umbrella is broken.

 害我沒有地方躲。Thus, I have no where to hide

rainy day worksheet

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January 7

Seven years old

七歲了 Seven Years Old

外公七十歲了,頭髮白了,牙齒不見了。Grandfather is 70 years old; his hair has turned white and has lost all of his teeth.

我七歲了,個子高了,褲子短了,I am seven years old.  I am growing taller. My pants are getting shorter.

腳大了,鞋子小了。My feet are getting larger. My shoes are getting smaller

咦!糖果吃得不多,Oh!  I have not eaten a lot of candy,

為什麼牙齒也不見了?but why is it that I am loosing my teeth?

2-7 Seven

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January 6

Crossing the road

Be careful crossing the road. Stop, look left and right.
Red light, do not walk. Green light, hurry and cross/ hurry across.


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January 5

Song about of

早上吃得好,         Eat a good breakfast

念書念得真不少。         Read quite a lot of books

中午吃得飽,         Eat a fulfilling lunch                                         

打字打得快又好。         Type words fast and well.

晚上吃得少,        Eat little at night.

睡覺睡得甜又飽。         Sleep sweetly and contently.


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January 4

Little Footprints

小脚印 Little Footprints

馬路上有很多腳印,There are many footprints on the road.
有的腳印新,Some are new footprints.
有的腳印舊,some are old footprints
都是前進的腳印。But all are moving forward.
沙灘上有很多腳印,On the beach there are many footprints.
有的腳印大,Some are big,
有的腳印小,while others are small.
都是快樂的腳印。All are happy footprints.
Little footprints

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January 2

Is Whose

是誰的?Is Whose

誰的點心在桌上?Whose dessert is on the table?

我去問問看。I will go ask.

姐姐說,不是她的。Elder sister says it’s not hers.

弟弟也說,不是他的。Younger brother also says it’s not his.

咦?是我的嗎?Eh? Is it mine?

我來吃吃看!Let me try it out.

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January 2

Be; at

小狗在跑,       Little dog is running,

皮球在跳,       The ball is bouncing,

小鳥在飛,        Little bird is flying,

樹葉在搖,       Tree leaves are swaying /rustling

只有毛毛蟲在睡覺。Only the caterpillars are sleeping

Be at


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