August 31

Let’s Learn Chinese (Book 八)

Book 81. My Dream
2. Questions From the New Student
3. Numbers and Idioms
4. Natural Disasters
5. Dragon Boat Festival 
6. meaningful Things
7. Exercise Injuries
8. Television Programs
9. Famous Structures of the world
10. An Unforgettable Trip
11. Comic Books and Cartoons
12. Travel and Leisure

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August 1

Beautiful Planet

美麗的行星Beautiful Planet


The sun had just gone down, and a bright star rose in the sky.

Just after the sun went down, there rose a bright star on the horizon,


Glittering gold, so beautiful!

twinkling with golden rays, and so very beautiful!

青青指著那顆星說:「它是金星,太陽的行星。 」

Qingqing pointed to the star and said, “It is Venus, one of the sun’s planet.”


Mom complimented, “You are awesome!”


Qingqing said: “I know the Chinese names of six planets.

最靠近太陽的是水星,然後排下去就是金星、地球、火星、木星和土星。 」

The planet closest to the sun is Mercury, followed by Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. ”

Followed in order are


Mom said: “Are the names of these planets easy to remember?”


Qingqing said: “I have a method, which is to remember the color of the planet.

Mercury 看起來像水一樣清叫水星,

Mercury looks like water and is called Mercury. (As clear as water)

Venus 像金子一樣亮叫金星,

Venus is as shiny as gold and is called Venus,

Mars 像火一樣紅叫火星,

Mars is as red as fire and is called Mars,

Jupiter 像木頭的顏色叫木星,

The color of Jupiter is like wood, which is called Jupiter.

Saturn 像土一样黄叫土星。 很有趣吧!」

Saturn is as yellow as dirt (or earth) and is called Saturn. Very interesting (Isn’t that fun)! ”

媽媽說:「嗯!不但有趣,而且很有道理。 」

Mom said, “Yeah! Not only is it interesting, but it also makes sense.”

青青說:「古代的人很會取名字,他們好聰明哦!」Qingqing said: “People in ancient times were very good at naming. They were so smart!”


Mom smiled and said: “You are also very smart!(So are you)”



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