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Living Mandarin Contents

Living Mandarin

LM K1音調 Tone數字 NumberPleasePeopleBig/Huge Little/Small
MouthDayMoonMorning/Mountain  木 Wood
LM K2Heart /  耳EarHandWaterFire  土 SoilStone 田 FieldRiceGirlSon
RainClothes 刀 Knife
LM K3Walk / 食 Eat
Car / 竹 BambooFlower / 瓜 Melon
Worm / 牛 Cow; CattleSheepHornHome
HorseFish Bird
LM 1一二三Slide ; Where is my friends
七八九 朋友 Friends西瓜 Watermelon大家早 Good morning, 溜滑梯 sliding slide
你好嗎? How are you?叫什麼? What is it call  Guess兩隻狗 Two dogs
量詞 Measure.小娃娃 Little Doll小金魚 Goldfish像什麼?What does it look like, Look Like
LH 2上課了 Class Start
Be: At是誰的 Is Whose
打電話 Call on the telephone 小腳印 Little Footprints得字歌 Song about OF
過馬路 Crossing the Road  起床了 Got up
七歲了 Seven Years Old下雨天 Rainy Day外婆家 Grandmother’s House
Book 3窗外雨The outside rain 沙灘上 The Sand Beach小梨子Little pear 華語課 Mandian Class
小秘密A small secret兩隻鳥Two birds 我用它I use it
天亮了It is daylight 給他愛Give it love 一樣瘦Similarly Skinny
對我好Treat me well大風吹Big wind blow
Book 4風來了 Wind is coming  Flavor 大飛盤 Frisbee  散步去 Taking a Walk
什麼花 What Flowers 高跟鞋High Heels 小鬧鐘Clock 水中月Moon under the Water
螢火蟲Firefly 去爬山Climbing the mountain 腳踏車/我喜歡I like/窗開了The window is open比力氣 Compete strength 吹泡泡Blow Bubble 蝴蝶小鳥小雨Butterfly Bird Light Rain 小花狗Littler Spotted Dog
做了一個夢I have a dream生病了 Got Sick
北歐人阿日The Northern European A-Rih 為什麼這麼熱?Why so hot?
小丑的眼淚 The Clown’s tears 玩牌 Playing Cards
第一次做菜Cooking for the first time

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