November 1

A Joyful World

快樂天堂 A Joyful world
The elephant’s trunk when raised gives a lift of energy to the people of this world
The spreading of the feathers of the peacock is magnificent; no one should be in sorrow.
河馬張開口吞掉了水草 ,
The hippopotamus opens his mouth and swallows in seaweed.
All the worries have now been contained in his body.
老鷹帶領著我們飛翔 ,更高更遠更需要夢想。
The eagle leads us soaring. Flying higher, and seeing farther, letting us have better dreams.
告訴你一個神秘的地方,一個孩子們的快樂天堂 。
Telling you about a mysterious place, a children’s joyful world.
Similar to the world of mortals, with bustling and disturbance.
There is crying, laughter, and sadness.
We share the same light.
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