January 1

Class is starting -Q

上課= Class is starting 問候= greet 老師=teacher 要=have to 做到=Accomplish 做= do 到=reach 站起來=stand up 行個禮=take a bow
恭敬= Respectfully 感恩= Appreciate 教導= guidance 說聲 = say 忘了= forget Continue reading

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January 3

Teaching Chinese

Paul’s father gave Paul a shirt with three Chinese characters on it.
Paul說這三個字念Wall Eye Knee。就是I Love You 。
Paul said these three words read Wall Eye Knee. Which meant “ I Love You.”
可是,中中說:「不對!不對!應該念:「 我 愛 你。」
But, Zhongzhong said: “No! No! You should read: “I love you.”
大家說 :「哇!中中會中文,真了不起。」
Everyone said: “Wow! Zhongzhong can speak Chinese, really amazing.”
The teacher wants Zhongzhong to teach everyone Chinese. Zhongzhong taught them: sun, moon, mountains, people, women,
Zhongzhong also taught them: children, horses, birds, and fish.
大家說:「Ah! Easy!Easy!」
Everyone said: “Ah! Easy! Easy!”
Zhongzhong combined the two characters to form another character.
Paul說:「Ah! Magic! Magic!」
Paul said: “Ah! Magic! Magic!”
Everyone said, “Learning Chinese is so much fun.”
大家都想學中文。 Everyone wants to learn Chinese.
Zhongzhong told everyone: “To learn Chinese, the four tones are very important.”
Zhongzhong asks everyone to repeat after him carefully:
Mom rides a horse, and the horse is slow. Mom scolds the horse
Everyone read it very carefully, but after reading it over and over again, it was still a mess.
校長看見大家都叫中中Mom! Mom! Mom!…嚇了一大跳,不知道發生了什麼事?
The principal was shocked when he saw everyone calling Zhongzhong Mom! Mom! Mom!… What happened?

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