May 31

Let’s Learn Chinese (Book五)

huayu 51. Joining a Club
2. Mid-Autumn Festival Family Togetherness
3. I want to Buy a New Toy
4. Moon cake and pumpkin Pie
5. Welcoming the New Year
6. Presentation of Results
7. My Stomach Feels Uncomfortable
8. Basketball Game
9. How many Continents Does the world Have
10. How Do You Go to the Farm
11. Paper
12. Protect Animals

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May 25

Dragon Boat Festival

May 5th Dragon Boat Festival.
划龍舟 敲鑼鼓
We hear the beating drums of the dragon boat race.
One two three four five.
Come row and we will bring the sound of the beating drum.
Dragon Boat Festival A

端午節 Dragon Boat Festival.
五月五 端午到
May fifth Dragon Boat Festival
賽龍舟 真熱鬧
Dragon boat racing very festive (very exciting)
吃粽子 帶香包
Eat bamboo wrapped rice dumplings wear aromatic sachets
Mosquitos do not come around (will not linger around you)
Dragon Boat Festival B

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May 6


青青的草地,藍藍天 Green grass, blue sky
多美麗的世界 What a beautiful world
大手拉小手帶我走 Mother’s big hand guides the little hand of the child
我是媽媽的寶貝 I am mother’s child(treasure)
我一天天長大你一天天老 I grow up each day while you grow older
世界也變得更遼闊 The world has become more vast
從今往後讓我牽你帶你走 From this point on wards allow for the child to take care of the elder.
換你當我的寶貝 Now is mother’s turn to be the child (treasure)
媽媽是我的寶貝 Mother is our beloved Continue reading

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