February 28

Cup Song Game

杯子口訣 Cup Game

  1. 拍手、拍手       Clap; clap your hands
  2. 桌子、桌子    Table;hand down on the table
  3. 拍手                 Clap your hands.
  4. 拿起、放下       Pick up the cup and set it down
  5. 拍手                 Clap your hands.
  6. 倒過來     Pick up the cup with your thumb facing down and turn it to the side
  7. 拍杯口        Hit the top of the cup.
  8. 放下               Set the cup down with the bottom up.
  9. 抓杯底        Grab the bottom of the cup.
  10. 拍桌子        One hand down on the table.
  11. 放下         Put the cup down

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November 11

Sandbags Game

一 摸地 One-Touch the ground.
二 拍胸 Two-pat your chest.
三 拍手 Three-clap your hands
四 開花 Four- blooming flower.
五 滾球 Five-Roll the ball
六 點頭 Six-nod your head
七 捏鼻 Seven-pinch your nose
八 拉耳 Eight-pull your ear
Nine & ten climb the tall building


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April 16

2010 記憶學習 (HHF)

These lessons are written with a rhyme which makes the lessons easy for memorization.
Please go over the lesson material so that students can more quickly get a feel of the language.

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