November 4

The Art of Paper Cutting-A

剪紙藝術the art of paper cutting

Wow! they are beautiful! Who taught you?
My grandmother did.
I want to know more about the art of paper cutting. Can you teach me?
Sure! The art of Chinese paper cutting is truly ingenious. Experts can cut out any pattern they wish.
It seems that only red and golden papers are used for paper cutting.
That is because paper cuttings are used mainly for festival celebration, so red and gold are used because they add an atmosphere of joy.紅色的喜字、壽字,看起來就喜氣洋洋的。
When we see the red characters for happiness and longevity, we feel cheerful and joyful.
Characters for good luck are cut out and pasted up in every house during the New Year season.
This kind of traditional folk Art is worth preserving.the art of paper cutting

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