January 4

Cooking for the first time

第一次做菜Cooking for the first time

第一次, 拿鍋鏟,邊看食譜邊做菜。

First time holding a spatula, reading the recipe and cooking at the same time.

不知道, 怎麼做,照著食譜慢慢來。

I do not know how to prepare the food, so I follow the recipe step-by-step.

五公克, 有多少? 去拿秤子秤一秤。

How much is 5 grams?  Go and get the scale to measure.

十西西, 有多少? 去拿量杯量一量。

How much is 10 cc?  Go and get the measuring cup to measure.

咦? 什麼怪味道? 趕快看一看。

Huh?  What is that weird smell?  Quickly take a look.


Ahh that is no good, it is burnt!

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January 1

I have a dream

做了一個夢 I have a dream


I had a dream; I was sick.


My body was weak and incapable.


Vitamins, thermometer, and the ice bag all came to take care of me.


「千萬別忘記,把我喝下去! 」

A cup of boiling water also came to remind me to not forget to drink.


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