January 4

Cooking for the first time

第一次做菜Cooking for the first time

第一次, 拿鍋鏟,邊看食譜邊做菜。

First time holding a spatula, reading the recipe and cooking at the same time.

不知道, 怎麼做,照著食譜慢慢來。

I do not know how to prepare the food, so I follow the recipe step-by-step.

五公克, 有多少? 去拿秤子秤一秤。

How much is 5 grams?  Go and get the scale to measure.

十西西, 有多少? 去拿量杯量一量。

How much is 10 cc?  Go and get the measuring cup to measure.

咦? 什麼怪味道? 趕快看一看。

Huh?  What is that weird smell?  Quickly take a look.


Ahh that is no good, it is burnt!

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January 3

Playing Cards

這種牌,我不會玩。This type of cards I do not know how to play.

沒關係,我教你。It’s okay I will teach(show)you.

你先把牌洗一洗,我一會兒就回來。You shuffle cards first, I will be right back.

爲什麽要先洗牌?Why needs to “shuffle” cards? –(then, Jenny went to “wash” cards.

我的天啊! 你連這麽簡單的話都聼不懂,Oh my goodness! You do not understand something as simple as this,

我要怎麽教會你呢? How am I to teach you!




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January 3

Clown’s Tears

小丑的眼淚Clown’s Tears

小丑,小丑,Clown, clown,

把歡笑畫在臉上,Draws his smile on his face,

讓人一看見他,When people see him,

就聽到快樂的聲音。Letting people hear happy tunes.

小丑,小丑,Clown, clown,

把愛送到人們心裡,Sends love into the heart of mankind.

讓人一看見他,When people see him,

就忘掉難過得事情。They forget about sadness.

小丑,小丑,Clown, clown,

把眼淚留給自己,Leaves tears for himself,

讓人一看到他,When people see him,

就想到自己的幸福。They see their own happiness.

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January 2

So hot?

為什麼這裡的夏天會這麼熱?Why is here’s summer so hot?

因為太陽直射我們。Because the sun shines directly on us.

太陽,真不合作!Sun, so uncooperative!

不合作?怎麼說?Uncooperative?  What do you mean?

It is cold during the winter.  It can shine directly on us when it is winter, isn’t that better?



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January 2

A Scandinavian European A- Ri

北歐人阿日 A Scandinavian European A- Ri

有個北歐人叫阿日 There is a Scandinavian called A Ri,

生活作息像太陽。His lifestyle is like the sun;

夏天的時候很勤勞,He is diligent during the summer,

早上三點就起床,He wakes up at three in the morning,

晚上十一點才睡覺。Does not go to bed until eleven at night.

冬天的時候懶洋洋,During the winter he is lazy,

早上十點才起床,Wakes up at ten in the morning.

下午兩點多就休息,Goes to bed after two in the afternoon.

不管誰約他去夜遊,No matter who asks him to wander about at night,

他都回答說:天亮以後,再說吧!He replies, “We will talk when the sun is out!”



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January 1

Got Sick

小男孩生病了 The little boy is sick


The little boy is sick; he lies dizzily on the bed.

喔,他看起來,糟透了! Oh, he looks horrible.

我得替他量一量體溫。I have to measure his temperature.

天呀,三十八度半!他發燒了!Oh boy! 38.5 degree Celsius, he has a fever.

讓我來,讓我來! Let me come!
讓我把他的燒給退了!The ice bag says: Allow me to rid his fever.

藥罐子Medicine says:

我也來! 嘿,小夥子醒一醒! 快把我吃了。I have come as well! Hey boy, wake up! Swallow me quickly.

我幫你把病毒趕走!Let me help you rid your virus.

熱開水Hot water cup:

還有我!還有我!快把我喝了,There is also me!  There is also me!

你的病,一定會好很多的!Drink me quickly.  Your body will definitely get well soon.

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January 1

I have a dream

做了一個夢 I have a dream

做了一個夢,我生病了,I had a dream; I was sick.

身體多麼虛弱又無力。My body was weak and incapable.

維他命、體溫計和冰水袋,全都趕來照顧我。Vitamins, thermometer, and the ice bag all came to take care of me.

還有一杯熱開水,也趕來提醒:「千萬別忘記,把我喝下去! 」A cup of boiling water also came to remind me to not forget to drink.

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