March 7

Tony’s Sick (三)

3-7 東明生病了Tony’s Sick 老師: 東明,你怎麽了?爲什麽 趴在桌子上? Teacher: Tony, what happened to you? Why are you lying down on your desk? 張莉: 老師,東明說他身體不舒服,好像生病了。 Lily: Teacher, Tony says he feels uncomfortable. It seems like he got sick. 老師: 東明,你的臉有點紅,可能是發燒了。 你什麽時候開始覺得不舒服? Teacher:  Tony, your face is a little red. You may have a fever. When did you start feeling uncomfortable? 東明: 早上的時候就有點不舒服,現在喉嚨痛, 頭也很痛。 Tony:  This morning I felt a little uncomfortable. Now my throat hurts, and I have a headache too. 老師:: 我想你是感冒了。你先休息一下, 我給你媽媽打電話。 Teacher: I think you’ve caught a cold. Go rest first, and I’ll call your mom. 心美: 老師,我的肚子很痛,很想吐。我想去上厠所,可以嗎? May: Teacher, my stomach hurts. I really want to vomit. May I go to the bathroom? 張莉:老師,我陪心美去。 Lily: Teacher, I’ll accompany 老師: 東明,等一下你媽媽會來接你,帶你去看醫生。 May. Teacher: Tony, in a moment your mother will come pick you up and take you to see a doctor.

3-7 Sick

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March 5

It’s Gotten Cold (三)

天氣變涼了 It’s Gotten Cold
Hello? Grandma, I’m May. How are you?
您那裡的天氣變涼了嗎?Has the weather gotten cool over there.
I’m very well. The temperature here is about 18 degrees (Celsius).
很涼快。你那裡呢?It’s quite cool. How about over there.
It’s started to snow over here. It’s really cold!
差不多是零下三度。Pretty much 3 below zero.
You should wear a little more clothing. Don’t catch a cold.
I don’t like winter. It’s extremely cold!
希望春天快點來。I hope spring can come a little faster.
Spring here quite warm, but it often rains.
Summer is still better. It’s more comfortable.

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