September 1

Word of command

喊口令Word of command
(喊=shout; cry out; yell   口令=slogans)

老師: 上課 Attend class;    (It is time to start class.)
學生:  起立,敬禮。Stand up, make a bow.
(Stand upright.  Eyes up front with your hands by your side.)
學生: 老師好! Hello teacher.
老師: 同學好! Hello students.
學生: 坐下 sit down.
老師:  下課 Finish class;    (It is time to wrap things up)
學生:  起立,敬禮。Stand up, make a bow.
(When you heard起立 set down your work Stand upright. Eyes up front with your hands by your side.)
學生:  謝謝老師! Thank you teacher
老師:  謝謝同學 ! Thank you students.
學生: 排隊 Please line up (lower school only)
學生: 再見! Good-bye

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