July 8

Sing Songs & Dance

唱歌跳舞 Sing Songs & Dance

把右手放裡面,把右手放外面, Put your right hand in, Put your right hand out,
把右手放裡面,搖搖你的手, Put your right hand in, and shake your hand,
唱歌跳舞,轉個圓圈,大家笑哈哈。Sing a song, and dance, turn around, everybody laugh.
把左手放裡面,,把左手放外面, Put your left hand in, Put your left hand out,
把左手放裡面,搖搖你的手, Put your left hand in, and shake your hand,
把右腳放裡面,把右腳放外面, Put your right foot in, Put your right foot out,
把右腳放裡面,搖搖你的腳, Put your right foot in, and shake your foot,
把左腳放裡面,把左腳放外面, Put your left foot in, Put your left foot out,
把左腳放裡面,搖搖你的腳, Put your left foot in, and shake your foot,
把自己放裡面,把自己放外面, Put your whole self in, Put your whole self out,
把自己放裡面,搖搖你自己, Put your whole self in, and shake yourself,Sing Songs & Dance

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