January 9

Grandmother’s house

外婆家 grandmother’s house

放假了,我去外婆家。I go to my grandmother’s house for vacation.

外婆上市場。My grandmother goes to the market

買了青菜,買了瓜,My grandmother bought green vegetables and bought melons.

買了水果,買了花。My grandmother bought fruits and bought flowers.

哇!還買了點心和奶茶Wow! My grandmother also bought desserts and bubble tea.

大家吃得笑哈哈!Everybody eats and laughs!


Party W朋友的聚會 Friend’s Party

我去朋友家參加聚會。I go to my friend’s house for a party.

我們上市場。We go to the market.

買了巧克力,買了蛋糕。We bought a lot of chocolate and bought a cake.

買了糖果,買了蠟燭。We bought candy and  bought candles to go with the cake.

哇!朋友買了汽水和檸檬汁!Wow! My friend also bought soda and lemonade!

大家玩得很開心。 Everybody had a great time!



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