January 8

Similarly Skinny

一樣瘦 Similarly skinny
西瓜大, 肚子大, Watermelon is big, stomach is large,
爸爸的肚子像西瓜一樣大。 Father’s stomach is as big as a watermelon.
月亮彎, 眉毛彎,Moon bends (arcs), eyebrow bends,
媽媽的眉毛像月亮一樣彎。 Mother’s eyebrows bend like the moon.
蘋果紅, 臉蛋紅, The apple is red, face is red, and
妹妹的臉蛋跟蘋果一樣紅. Little sister’s face is like the red apple.
猴子瘦, 我也瘦, The monkey is skinny, I am also skinny,
我跟猴子長得一樣瘦!I am as skinny as the monkey!

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Posted 2009-01-08 by huahuafun in category Living Mandarin