January 10

Big wind blow

big wind blow大風吹

大風吹!吹什麽?Big wind blows! What does it blow?

吹「穿裙子的人。」 Blows [people wearing skirts].

大風吹!吹什麽?Big wind blows! What does it blow?

吹「戴手錶的人。」Blows [people wearing watches].

大風吹!吹什麽?Big wind blows! What does it blow?

吹「會呼吸的人。」Blows [people who can breathe]

哇!快跑!快跑!Wah– — Run quickly! Run quickly!

大風吹!吹什麽?Big wind blows! What does it blow?

吹「有尾巴的人。」Blows people who have a tail.

咦!是誰?是誰?Yee(what) ! Who is it?  Who is

big wind

Summary: Big Wind Blows is a good icebreaker that helps people get to know each other better. Players sit in a circle, with one person in the center as “the big wind.” The person in the center says to those sitting around the circle to identify a characteristic that is true about themselves.  All players who share that characteristic must then stand up and find a new seat.

  • Ages: All.
  • Recommended # of people: At least 4 players.
  • Messiness factor: Slight running.
  • Materials required: Chairs for each player, minus one.
  • Recommended setting: Indoors or Outdoors.
  • The person in the middle says “The Big Wind Blows for anyone ______ ” they fill in the blank with something like “wearing socks”, “who has a birthday in September”… etc.

  • Everyone who fits that description has to go into the middle of the circle and find a new chair to sit.

  • The one rule is that they cannot stay in their own seat and they cannot go to the seat immediately beside them.

  • The person in the middle tries to get a chair in the circle.

  • The person who does not have a seat is the new person in the middle who makes the big wind blow again!

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