October 2

花好月圓慶中秋Mid-Autumn Festival 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese Festival. Chinese Association of OSU and International Students of OSU will hold several events as follow:




Mooncake Making Workshop

7pm-8pm, Thursday

Oct.1st, 2009

Women’s Center, OSU campus, Corvallis, OR

Traditional Chinese Dancing Workshop

6:30pm-8:00pm, Friday

Oct.2nd, 2009

Women’s Center, OSU campus, Corvallis, OR

Potluck party for Mid-Autumn Festival

7pm-9pm, Saturday

Oct.3rd, 2009

Asian Pacific Cultural Center, OSU campus, Corvallis, OR

*for further information, please contact: caofosu@gmail.com.

Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm, Thursday, Oct.1st , 2009 @ women’s center, OSU campus

Content: Mooncake Making Workshop

Host:Ms.  Luh, Jang陸璋 (Director of HuaHuaFun Language and Art Studio)

If you are interested in Chinese culture, additive to bakery or just for fun, don’t miss this workshop! CAOSU invites Ms. Luh to teach you to make mooncake step by step. What you need is just coming with your relaxed mood then you will go with mooncakes and happiness. 

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm, Friday,  Oct.2nd, 2009 @ women’s center, OSU campus


How to make Moon Cake  


無鹽奶油butter225g, 糖粉sugar 150g and酥油shortening 200g 
eggs 3,低筋麵粉flour 600g, 全脂奶粉milk power 80g, 乳酪粉cheese power 50g紅豆沙red bean past 1000g                                              
First stepMix the butter225g, sugar 150g and shortening 200g in the bowl using the egg beater.     
Second stepBeat one egg into the batter evenly Beat a second egg into the batter evenly followed by the third egg  
Third stepShift the flour into the aluminum pan.  Shift the cheese flour into the aluminum pan. Shift the milk powder into the aluminum pan. Mix the flour, cheese and milk powder together.  Mix the egg batter into the pan with the flour mix.  
Forth stepSeparate and roll the red bean paste into 
forty small balls 
(approximately ½ inch in diameter). Wrap the paste with the batter.  
Fifth stepMake the red bean pastes wrapped with batter into a full moon shape. 
Bake the moon cakes at 350  for twenty minutes. 


Content: Traditional Chinese Dancing Workshop Host: Ms.Chen, Mimi陳祖華 (Artist dirctor of Eastwest Dance Creation)

When Chinese cultural dance hits western dance, what will happen? Ms.Chen, Mimi is a professional choreographer and dancer. She will bring us a lecture on Chinese dance, a demonstration of several dancing types and also teach Chinese dance and martial art dance combing with hip-hop. Check this out on this upcoming event, you won’t regret to attend it.

Time: 7:00pm, October 3rd @Asian Pacific Cultural Center, OSU campus

Content: Potluck party for Mid-Autumn Festival

Fried rice, noodles, mooncakes and drinks will be provided. Each participant please bring some dishes or dessert by yourself. We also will have games and videos.

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