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High heels

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高跟鞋  High Heels

什麽時候穿雨鞋? When do you wear rain boots?

下雨的時候穿雨鞋。When it is raining, wear rain boots.

什麽時候穿球鞋? When do you wear sneakers?

打球的時候穿球鞋。When you are playing ball, wear sneakers.

什麽時候穿舞鞋? When do you wear dance shoes?

跳舞的時候穿舞鞋。When you are dancing, wear dance shoes.

什麽時候穿高跟鞋? When do you wear high heels?

要變高的時候穿高跟鞋! When you want to be taller, wear high heels!high heels




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