January 5

Climbing the Mountain

去爬山   climb the mountain

一二三,一二三, 我跟家人去爬山。One two three, one two three, I climb the mountain with my family.

從山下往上看, 感覺上山不簡單。Looking up from the base of the mountain, we know that climbing the mountain is not easy.

爸爸說:「脚不停, 頭不回, 努力前進, Father says: “do not stop walking, do not look back, move forward with determination,

不後退, 一定能爬到山頂上! 」do not backtrack; you will be able to reach the top of the mountain!

走走走, 向前走, 走的兩腿在發抖。Walk walk walk, walk forward, walk till your legs shake.

爬呀爬, 往上爬, 爬得全身汗在流。Climb, climb, and climb upwards, climbing till your whole body is sweating.

媽媽說: 「 擦擦汗, 喝口水, 繼續前進, Mother says:  Wipe off your sweat, drink some water, keep on going,

不後退, 很快就到山頂上! 」do not go back, you will at the top of the mountain shortly!

一二三, 一二三, 終於爬到山頂上。   One two three, one two three; finally reaching the top of the mountain.

從山上往下看, 感覺自己真是不簡單!    Looking down from the mountain, feeling that this was not a easy task.

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