January 7

The Window is open

窗開了 The window is open

窗戶開了, 風聲, 鳥聲進來了,The window is open; sounds of the wind and birds come in.

朗朗的讀書聲也傳進來了。  The sound of study loud also came in.

窗戶開了,花香, 草香進來了,The smell of flowers and grass flows into the house as the window opens.

濃濃的飯菜香也飄進來了。Thick smells of a hearty meal also flow into the house.

窗戶開了, 月光, 星光進來了,Moonlight and starlight shine into the room as the window opens.

啊, 有只會發光的小蟲也進來了!Ah, even the lightening bug has come in.


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