January 10

Little Spotted Dog

小花狗, 銜著一塊肉,
Little spotted dog, holds a piece of meat,
Happily wags its tail and walks,
走著走著, 走道到了橋上頭,
Walks and walks, and walks on top of the bridge,
And sees another dog under the bridge,
Who also has a piece of meat in its mouth.
小花狗, 站在橋上頭,
Little spotted dog, stands on top of the bridge,
Eagerly wants to grab that piece of meat,
想著想著, 牠汪汪大叫,
He thinks and thinks, he barks loudly,
The meat falls from his mouth,
掉進水裏, 吃不到.
Falls into the water, cannot eat it.

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Posted 2010-01-10 by huahuafun in category Living Mandarin